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We are the official distributors for Zebra, Evolis, Datacard, Bravo, Suprema, Impinj RFID & IRIS CMITech etc.
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5 things you should know before buying an ID card printer.

Consider the following factors before buying an ID card printer.

Volume Requirement

If you require a large volume of cards to be printed it will be cheaper and time saving/efficient to invest in a more automated ID Card printer as opposed to the hand fed printers; which are more suited for low load/lesser voluminous printing.

Single or Dual Sided ID Card Printer

This factor comes in conjunction with the point above. While the Single sided ID Card printer is less expensive it is more suited for small batches. As, the single sided ID Card printer requires you to manually flip cards to print on the other side. Whereas the Dual sided ID Card printer can save you a lot of time on larger batches.

Method of Printing

Dye Sublimation is the most common and least expensive method; compared to Reverse Transfer method. But it leaves a small white border on the cards. Reverse Transfer( or re-transfer) can achieve higher quality print with full bleed or no border.

Connection Type

Ensure that your system is compatible with your ID card printer. All ID card printers are compatible with PC via USB connection, but not all are compatible with MAC. If you intend on using a MAC please make sure that the ID card printer has MAC compatibility. If multiple systems require access to the ID Card printer, select an ID card printer that has an Ethernet connection

Lamination and Visual Security

Lamination not only increases physical durability but can also add an extra layer of security by adding holograms on the lamination. Alternatively, without lamination, you can increase security by adding watermarks, holographic stickers, and holographic card stock.

Why you need a Time and Attendance System

Any company regardless of size, service and product needs employees to operate. This makes your employees your biggest asset and your biggest expense at the same time. Naturally managing and tracking your employee's attendance and time is crucial. However, an overworked manager has better ways to spend his time rather than tracking time and attendance. How do it then? Integrate a Biometric Time and Attendance system to your business today, not convinced? Read on to know what makes a Biometric Machine absolutely necessary for you.

Increase Profits

In 2015 Forbes released a report which showed that employee time theft is the single biggest cause of financial losses in retail business. A Time and Attendance system ensure that employees get paid only for that which they do and prevent time theft and buddy punching.

Increased Employee Accountability

Biometric Time and Attendance systems have 100% accuracy when it comes to tracking how an employee uses their time, how many breaks they take and whether they leave early or come in late. The system makes a report for every single employee. A detailed report will show management if employee's breaks are going on for too long, whether the employee is reporting to work and their tardiness. Knowing that there is a powerful software tracking their time usage employees will make sure that their time usage will be more accountable thus improving work productivity.

Increased Employee Moral

Since a software computes all the data, the processed data is 100% objective in nature. A major annoyance for employees is seeing less diligent employees getting away with extra long lunches, entering late and leaving early. Which leads to a decline in morale among the other employees; they get paid the same amount as someone who is slacking. Since their diligence goes unnoticed, they feel undervalued. However, with a Biometric machine, the machine records the time each employee spends working in the office and help highlight employees that deserve a full day's pay for a full day's work.

Immediate Data

The direct effects of installing a Biometric Attendance does not stop at saving you time and stress. The data it provides you can help you solve some of your business's other issues. An integrated time and attendance system gives managers crucial insight of their business; this information can provide a more strategic view. Since managers will not have to wait for monthly reports to devise, adapt or improve strategies; productivity and efficiency of the company start looking up.

ScreenCheck has the latest and best BioMetric Time and Attendance machines in Dubai. Our line of Suprema BioMetric machines have your every need account for. Give us a call today and change the way you do payroll.

We are where the best come together. Here at ScreenCheck, we try to provide the best Electronic Security & Identification solutions. And for our consistency in service and excellence, we were awarded the Dubai SME 100 award.

We provide our services to over 150 retailers spanning over 25 countries; this makes #1 distributor in the middle east. With the latest line of products and the biggest inventory in the middle east, we are well equipped to provide you with what you need.

Solutions we offer are

ID card printer
Time and attendance
Access management
RFID based tracking
Customer Loyalty management
E-payment & Smart cards
Video surveillance

In short, we are your one stop shop to secure your place of business.

Along with our top of the line products we have an arsenal of factory trained engineers. At the ready to assist you from; selecting the right product to installing & troubleshooting.

Here at ScreenCheck, customer satisfaction is paramount. We understand exactly, what it takes to bring a smile to your face.

World Class Technical Support: Once you are our customer, you are automatically entitled to the best service possible. Our factory trained engineers and experienced managers are with you every step of the way.
Technical Edge: Our vision is to be a Technology House that exceeds customer expectations, by being an innovative solution provider. Keeping our vision in mind, we provide the industry's best and most advanced solutions.
Affordable: As good and advance our service and products are, we operate in ultra competitive price ranges. Empowering you to grow your business, stress-free.

Our relationship does not stop at a sale; we work with clients to make continuous improvement and make their business easier to manage. We have experienced factory trained engineers who will work closely with you providing insights, guidance and support to help you transform your organisation.

ScreenCheck is the top supplier of Security & Time and Attendance solutions in Dubai. Since we have operated in the Middle East for so long across many countries, we have a deeper local understanding. Our logical and analytical approach gives our customers certain advantages that others may not be able to match.

Get an in depth walk through of each of these factors and more in the ID Card Printer , Time and Attendance , RFID , Video Surveillance , Access Control Buyers Guide.
Includes a catalogue to help you narrow your search.

Our Solutions

Card Issuance
Card Issuance ID card is the most simple tool today for identification. Whether it is a Driving License, Employee or Student ID, Customer Loyalty Card, Banking

Access Control Solutions
Our access control solutions are designed to maximize user convenience and security, by decentralized design which provides impeccable access control at an affordable price.

Time & Attendance Solution
TimeCheck is a powerful time and attendance management solution compatible with various input devices that use fingerprints, facial recognition, proximity cards, PIN technology etc.

RFID Solutions
Safe School provides Indoor Positioning System based on BlueTooth and WiFi which helps the school to monitor the attendance in the classes, which students wait most for bus or pickup

Video Surveillance Solutions
Our partnership with major international camera and accessory manufacturers help us provide the most advanced and competitive solutions to our customers.

Visitor Management Solutions
V-Authenticate (VAMS), our visitor management solution allows you to monitor and control the visitors in office premises. The software keeps the logs of all visitors entering the premise..

Customer Loyalty
Our Customer Loyalty Solution is an alternative to coupons and tokens. It is highly flexible to adapt to any retail business scenario. It can be apparel, footwear, food & beverages, or any service company.

Customer / Footfall Counting
Customers are a vital part of every organization. Keeping track of the pedestrian traffic allows the business to accurately and effectively plan and implement business strategies, in both the present and the future, hence it helps to understand the conversion rate