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October 30, 2019
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October 30, 2019

Iris recognition devices are making its mark in biometric security systems. They have been used extensively in Bank and finance sectors. CMITech EF-45 -Dual IRIS Recognition System is one of the prominent biometric devices famous for its reliability, scalability, and accuracy.

Humans have certain features that don’t change with age and which are unique. Fingerprint and iris patterns are two such features that are unique and constant for all human beings. This is the basic principle used in Biometric security machines. Iris technology is one of the most popular biometric systems in Dubai which is secure, reliable and scalable. The method is an error-free process that identifies and authenticates individuals through human retina. The iris recognition biometric solution utilizes the latest security solution features for the perfect accuracy. Biometric systems have been extensively used across Arabic regions, especially in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Iris Recognition technology offers unmatched accuracy and searching speed. Cutting edge technology enables super-resolution which enhances great resolution images. Applying super-resolution techniques to enhance the resolution of iris images is the main research direction happening in the biometric security manufacturing industry. Two super-resolution approaches are considered for iris images in this dissertation: pixel-based super-resolution and feature-based super-resolution approaches.

Iris recognition systems have a camera for retina tracking along with a camera for face tracking. Developments are happening for creating a 3D face recognition with retina tracking. This will enable individuals to be remotely scanned standing in any pose.

Iris recognition technology is been used in the banking and financing sector widely across the globe. This explains the reliability and trustworthiness of the biometric iris recognition system over other security solutions. With the banking sector losing trust and turning insecure, the demand for a better security solution in Dubai was a need of the hour. Implementing the iris recognition system has gained the trust of customers to use bank ATMs for any money transaction outside the bank premises. ATMs are now having iris recognition technology that captures intricate iris patterns with an iris-scanning device. The data is stored in a database that is used for identification and authenticates customers visiting an ATM. The efficiency of this biometric system is counted by the speed with which an individual is identified and granted access. The technology enables us to save the name and address of individuals in the system. Iris data is more reliable and sturdy since the machine is covered with a protective sheath that protects it from wear-tear or harsh environments. Due to this durability iris recognition system requires only a single enrolment. Iris recognition system doesn’t wear and tear like the conventional security solutions that are still in the market. The security solutions keep updating to fight malpractices or theft from criminals who try breaking the system.

Iris recognition based ATM’s are found to be more secure than pin based ATM’s as the identification process of iris recognition can’t be faked or copied. Recently, there were few thefts around the world where PINs were compromised and customers lost money from their bank account. A survey regarding the usability of ATMs was conducted lately and found that customers were finding tedious in remembering PIN numbers which often end up in creating new PIN through endless phone communication. Meanwhile, after implementing the iris recognition system in bank transactions, 98% of customers were extremely happy and positive regarding the biometric recognition system.

Various international banks have implemented scanners and image processing technology to capture and compare data to identify individuals. Many satisfied customers have reported that the prime reason for a favorable bank experience, mostly at ATM, is the installation of the foolproof biometric system. They have reported wanting more biometric security solutions for ATMs across places to better the retail experience and give an edge over other banks in the industry.

Understanding CMITech EF-45 -Dual IRIS Recognition System

CMITech EF-45 is designed for access control and time and attendance process with a priority on user experience and security. The CMITech EF-45 is, therefore, one of the best reliable biometric solutions which can be availed from trusted dealers like Screencheck. The devices use the most advanced technology in capturing iris images with great precision and quality for the identification. CMITech EF-45 can achieve 99.5% success in capturing iris pattern through a great user interface.

The new device replaces the LED positioning feedback system with a highly innovative face display method. Individuals can be identified using their own face displayed on a 5.0-inch display with simple instructions to follow. The technology has been inspired by how you take mobile selfie. This method makes the capturing process much more intuitive for all users, and therefore the failure-to-capture rates are greatly reduced.

The new CMITech EF-45 comes with few impressive features like improved depth of 10 cm, and a stand-off range of 35 to 45 cm. The design allows the device to be installed on any flat front surface and runs fully autonomous with enough storage space for biometric patterns. the kiosk version that sits on the flat front surface of any kiosk; the device’s fully autonomous operation mode which safely stores the biometric patterns of users and quickly allows comparisons from n number of data. The CMITech-45 modifies and adapts the screens that are presented to the user based on the needs of each application.

Screencheck leading suppliers of biometric time and attendance systems Dubai. The CMITech- 45 is displayed at the showroom and you can walk in to support engineers at Screencheck to understand the device in a more comprehensive way. CMITech-45 Iris recognition system is worth every penny when it comes to the matter of great security.