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Dubai has a rapidly growing economy. Companies are adopting technologies to help their employees to manage time and attendance in a more effective manner. Time and attendance machines in Dubai is becoming a major reason in the overall growth of Dubai.

Managing human resource along with time is the most important asset of any management. It’s is essential to know how many employees work for a given time that can yield the maximum productivity for the company. With passing time and attendance system has developed to create more efficient workplaces. Companies are adopting technologies to help their employees to manage time and attendance in a more effective manner. To be in a competitive environment, it has become the need of the hour to implement time and attendance systems in Dubai. From just a mechanism to check employee attendance and create payrolls, time and attendance system has developed vastly for greater benefits of the company.

Many companies across Dubai are now using a time attendance system. They have left the conventional manual timekeeping methods which aren’t error-free with modern systems and software. Manual methods welcome discrepancy and malpractices, while it’s impossible to crack or decode time and attendance system which uses the latest biometric methods. There are still many companies using manual methods, relying on documents that make them difficult to generate reports and create payrolls every month.

A time and attendance offer innumerable benefits with its latest cutting edge technologies. The system gives control over its employees and manages them in order. Using the right time and attendance system can help the business grow by reducing over and under-payment, identify the productive hours and calculate the work hours of employees. These benefits can avoid manual errors and employing fewer staff members for the documentation process. Companies with huge human resources and equipment, a proper mechanism is needed to track data regarding attendance and create growth plans. A time and attendance system protects a company from payroll fraud and provided both employer and employees with confidence inaccuracy.

The time and attendance system can use the electronic tag, biometric features, and touch screens instead of plastic identity cards. Enabling to record employee working hours. The data is stored in a computer which automatically generates a proper time and attendance document for employees. The document can be used to calculate employee wages through an error-free process. This gives the management time to make orders according to productivity and not waste time over impractical administrative changes.

We innumerate a few reasons below for why time and attendance systems are far better than conventional methods:

  • Manual time attendance systems increasing the rate of absenteeism because of favoritism and nepotism. There are many companies that still use manual methods that are facing difficulty in documenting and generating reports. With changing times, it is a need to incorporate changes that can uplift the identity of the company
  • In time attendance systems needs least human intervention. Therefore, no malpractices would happen to bring a disorder to the whole system. Management can use time and attendance software in Dubai to install and integrate with biometric time and attendance to increase accuracy.
  • Eradicating unwanted absenteeism is one of the main objectives in implementing a time attendance machine. The biometric system identifies the right individual to access specific premises thus removing all the chance of proxy attendance. When dealing with a large workforce, these systems can be of great use. In a space where influential people work, employee time attendance machine can kill any corrupt practices.
  • Time is a factor that is hard to be determined by manual labor. Implementing a time attendance machine can yield proper records regarding employee’s work time. The information can be retrieved in real-time for keeping an efficient attendance system. This allows the management to plan and schedule work according to needs and human resources.

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