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Ensuring safety of your technical assets

Access control systems for businesses are now an emerging essential for every company. With changing technologies, security systems are offering safety for your resources and manpower. 

An access control system (ACS) regulates the human movement in an office making the environment more ordered. These systems work mainly on three features. The features are: recognize, authenticate and authorize. With these three features, you can grant permission as well as deny a person to walk into specific areas of your office. Access systems, therefore, act as a safety guard for your workspace ensuring complete protection.

There are innumerable benefits of using ACS in your company. The foremost being, you have the information about who is in the office and who is not! ACS works as a perfect security system which tracks humans inside a specific compound.  The system can customize the order and work on a defined way allowing personalized access to specific areas. The need for a guard with confusing number of keys can thus be eliminated.  No trespassing happen by-passing a door access control system. This ensures that your secret official documents and confidential files are safe within your custody.

You can better understand access control by knowing the free forms of access control system in Dubai.

  1. Discretionary Access Control or DAC is controlled by the owner of the company and he decides the permissions. DAC isn’t recommended, mostly because of its vulnerability to any end user. This allows anyone to infect the system with malware, thereby, granting unauthorized permissions.
  2. Mandatory Access Control or MAC restricts even the owners in accessing a specific area and the control of the system completely rest upon the management of access control. MAC classifies all users and grants them permission through labels which allow them to an area with specific security guidelines.
  3. Role-Based Access Control or RBAC is the most opted access control system in Dubai. RBAC is used at homes as well as huge business establishments. RBAC is controlled by a system administrator and access is granted through job title or specific position. RBAC is considered as the most secure and reliable access control systems now available in Dubai.

Screencheck is a leading seller of access control system and accessories in Dubai. You can contact them to know more about ACS and how you can manage your workspace with one.

Security systems are changing day by day with advancement in technology. Integrating Biometrics to access control makes security more strict and ordered. Biometric door access control systems are proven to be more efficient and give the client more peace of mind over conventional ones. With hackers on par with technologies, it’s always better to work out something ahead of them. Latest biometric software is quick and has features like face-recognition and huge data collection capability through Cloud.

Door lock access with interactive systems and image processing can be installed for private as well as official purpose. You can also customize your biometric access system for the kind of order you seek. Contact Screencheck by calling them at +971 4 391 0707 and get detailed knowledge about how the biometric access control system works in your premises.

Understanding door access control systems

Every access happens through a door and therefore, controlling what enters and what’s inside the door matters when it comes to access control. Door access control system regulates and records visitors without any error. This access system only allows employees with positive face matches to access a specific area. Your office no more needs a card access control systems for verification.

Door access systems come with a friendly interface and easy to follow procedures which gives more time to work than spend it on a security check. Various types of cameras like IP or USB can be added for surveillance along with this ACS. With these features and many more, it enhances safety and security access to your technical assets.  The installation of a complete door access system would take only less than a week and familiarization with the machine takes less than a day.

You can customize the level of security you need by increasing levels on the system. These systems are used in security organizations, financial institutions and research centers throughout Dubai, where protection and safety is the utmost priority. The access systems can alert errors, infiltrations and disruptions through voice medium. The door lock access systems come with multilingual support.


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