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Suprema BioEntry Plus in Dubai is the right access control system for any business. Understand the access control system to know the uniqueness of BioEntry Plus and why you won’t go wrong with one.

Access control systems or ACS as popularly known, are security devices that control individuals in accessing certain locations with an access control device. Access control is understood to be the course of action where the users of a given facility are identified and granted a defined degree of privileges to data, devices, or resources. It grants or denies entry to a specific location through an identification- authentication process carried out with a computer-based information system. There are 3 processes involved that govern the function of an access control system. They are identification, authentication, and authorization.

The identification process is the method with which information is gathered about the individual who is trying to access a specific area. The authentication process agrees or denies a request put forth by the individual according to the designation or level of authority. The authorization process is the process of feeding the rules of entry and denial of an access control system. With these 3 processes, ACS works smoothly. The access control system is also accountable for any action taken because the device collects every information fed to the database to cross-check the credibility of the device.

Screencheck, one of the trusted security solution dealers in Dubai are experts in implementing access control in Dubai as well as setting up automated access control security systems. They have been used widely in different industries and also in personal spaces. The system can control the different degrees of access to different portions in a single premise. Access control systems make it possible for monitoring and controlling work, to manage human resources, and even to create error-free payrolls. ACS facilitates these by the means of electronic card readers, RFIDs, hand geometry units, fingerprint scanners, keypads, and balanced magnetic switches. When an unauthorized personal try accessing an area, the access control system server is capable of displaying the abnormality and thereby denying the access.

One of the most vital factors determining an access control system is to know how the system manages resources. This will protect safeguarding individuals as well as equipment inside your business limits. The access control systems record and save data The importance of security solutions in an increasingly insecure world is the major factor that determines the growth of biometric systems in Dubai. New technologies that are more efficient and reliable are being produced to fight fake and infiltrations. Access control systems can record and timestamp every request of access which can be audited later on.

No business can strive if their ideas, manpower, and documents are leaked out. The access control system’s main objective is to preserve and protect the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility to information inside a business establishment. Integrity of an access control system is the ability with which data are protected from unwanted modification or adjustment. Confidentiality makes sure that only an authorized person can access certain areas or data. Accessibility is based on defined rules. The rules permit access to all end-users coming from a particular domain, host, network, or IP addresses. If an individual changes designation or level of authority, the existing authentication doesn’t change.

Timing, tracking, battery backup, and template layout are some of the functions done by access control systems. Timing decides the time for which a door remains open or close. Tracking keeps data in the record. Battery back up is an important feature for the access control system. This keeps the device running even during power failures. Screencheck, popular dealers of biometric machines in Dubai has some of the best access control systems in the market. The Suprema Bio Entry plus full benefits of a biometric system with a wide range of RF support for multiple authentication modes.

Suprema BioEntry Plus

BioEntry Plus is a fingerprint-based access control device that comes with user-friendly features and can be installed easily. The device comes with fingerprint and proximity cards that can be installed on a single standalone door to a complex template layout. The versatility of BioEntry Plus makes it a unique system that can withstand any kind of environment. The device can hold up to 5000 fingerprint units, communicated through TCP/IP or RS485 communication. The Bioentry Plus has a futuristic sleek design that compliments any surface without disturbing the existing aesthetics of the premise. ScreenCheck Suprema BioEntry Plus comes with a 1-year warranty.

Features of Suprema BioEntry Plus
  • Easy user management through Command card
  • Auto device search and synchronization within a network
  • Support anti-Pass back function
  • World-Renowned Suprema Fingerprint Technology
  • Easy operation and management
  • User-configurable I/O : can be connected to Switch, Tamper alarm, Relay
  • Flexible interface (RS232/RS422/RS485, Wiegand output)
  • Fingerprint template can be stored on the card
  • Red and green LED indicator with audible alerts for intuitive user interface

The Suprema Access control system is a perfect solution for corporate offices. Storage areas and server rooms. The system comes with dual forms of identification and with its award-winning fingerprint scanner, Suprema BioEntry Plus is the right access system for all businesses. The device can be connected with as many as BioEntry plus devices making it possible for limitless security integration. Contact Screencheck today to know more about BioEntry Plus, one of the trusted biometric attendance systems in Dubai.