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Attendance Management


Our time and attendance management system optimises data compilation and handling. Be it monitoring employee timesheets, computation of work hours, or collection of time and attendance data – our system ensures efficiency and high productivity by automating and streamlining attendance logs.

Also, our attendance management system facilitates an easy set up of different work schedules and shifts across departments. This enables easy integration of Human Resource Administration and Time and Attendance management into a single system. This unified approach makes it easier to connect to HR or ERP systems and allows quick access to personalised time, attendance reports, and calendar views.

Solution Features
  • Guarantees error-free time and attendance tracking by employing biometrics, card, and mobile credential-based systems.
  • Provides online accessibility and user flexibility.
  • Uses simple tracking tools to manage different work schedules.
  • Creates personalised time and attendance reports and calendar views.
  • Easily adapt to shifting preferences and work environments.
  • Executes diverse work shifts to accommodate different organisational requirements.

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