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Access Control & Identity Management Solutions

In today’s rapidly expanding markets, access and Identity management readers can no longer perform the lone task of simple attendance and access. Today’s hi-tech readers are able to integrate into your business performing dual, if not multiple, tasks.

There isn’t a single place of business operating today that doesn’t have some form of identity management/access control system in place, be they simple card readers, or hi-tech biometric solutions that require fingerprint or visual access.

With the many readers available in the market, ensuring you select the right one for your business is a primary concern.

Suprema and ZKTeco

Your business needs an access/identity reader, no question, but which one do you invest in?

The type of reader you need is dependent on your business, i.e. personnel, foot-traffic, location, function, and required security options (biometric, pin, card, etc.). Then there’s the specs of the reader itself, type, speed, connectivity, and durability.

With access and identity management readers fast becoming the norm, the market is saturated with a number of brands, each with its own range of readers to select from.

While both Suprema and ZKTeco are contenders in the reader game, Suprema has the advantage with its cutting-edge range of biometric readers.

Suprema’s readers all function under the same platform, allowing organizations to customise the use of their terminal. The varied functionality of Suprema’s terminals includes voice command, databases that store user information, video phone integration, outdoor (all weather) and vandal-resistant models, and are PoE/Wi-Fi compatible.

Moreover, Suprema’s official distributors (such as ScreenCheck) provide custom solutions to organizations with the aid of in-house techs, integrating Suprema’s terminals to suit their unique requirements.

Screen Check and Suprema

The first to distribute the Korean brand to the GCC, Screen Check is the official distributing partner of Suprema’s multi-option access control and Identity management solutions in the MENA region. The Screen Check website has a detailed list of Suprema’s products and solutions, along with a massive inventory of the most up-to-date models in the business.



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