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Access control

Access control systems are changing to become more secure and intelligent. Screencheck, one of the leading biometric security service providers explains how access control is changed in the new pandemic world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world. The access control technology has become a core tool in workforce management and compliance. During pre-covid times, access control systems were used to check who all are inside a specific area and monitor people but with the pandemic, the purpose is to check if the individuals meet specific criteria while accessing a space. The new regulations put forward helps businesses to get back on-line and protect the individuals from infection.

Screencheck, one of the leading access control system dealers in Middle East observes that biometric solutions aren’t solid bricks for new challenges that came across during pandemic. Certain technology like thermal camera technology is relevant but also somewhat misleading. The technology definitely needs an upgrade to provide a comprehensive solution regarding the new rules and regulations put forth as a part to contain the pandemic. The pandemic now seems to be normalised and the economy needs to be running. Completely unmanned access control will become a need very shortly.

We understand that there is a higher need for system integration. The current thermal camera can detect individuals with abnormally high skin temperature. That’s the end of the action. A security guard needs to manually stop the person from entering the premises. The situation demands much better comprehensive solutions. A backend control which provides actions like stopping the person from entering the premises or blocking the user and sending the details to management needs to be incorporated. Screencheck says they are expecting a very positive impact and have been exchanging data with their clients to take the next technological step in access control.

The current physical security solution providers can help business to move on with this immediate need. The difference comes when a third party solutions collaborate to find an end to end access control solution and workforce management. The solution needs to be essentially touchless with features like facial recognition, RFID, or through contactless mobile devices. Only systems that can provide this range of service, with proven versatility and performance, cost efficiency with reliability can only break the ice. “ We are expecting a change soon, technology providers are thinking of newer ways of access control and bringing well concluding solutions”, notes Screencheck.

Screencheck provides some of the most comprehensive biometric and physical access control systems for workforce management in Middle East. Screencheck has a wide array of solutions, from systems to softwares, contact-less facial recognition, RFID, access control devices all in one store. Thus providing a complete solution for any security needs that has risen due to pandemic. Screencheck has partnered with many leading brands to provide premium and business intelligence systems.

Screencheck has been in the access control system business in Middle East for long. With the recent outbreak of pandemic, there has been a steady increase in high performance access control systems and related technologies. If your business needs to be running during this time of crisis, you need to change and adapt according to new rules of living. Access control systems are definitely on the track of change and we are looking forward to it, adds Screencheck.


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