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Gone are the days when security measures were done manually. Thanks to the power of AI, the physical security industry is experiencing a game-changing revolution. One of the most crucial sectors that AI has transformed, is the security systems sector. The integration of AI in access control systems in the UAE has created smart solutions that seamlessly blend security and convenience.

ScreenCheck Middle East is one of the leading suppliers of physical access control systems across the nation and its neighbouring region. We combine automation and security to repel unforeseen risks and hindrances. You can check out our physical security tools to strengthen the safety boundaries of your organisation.

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What is Physical Access Control?

Physical access control is a highly effective and technology-driven approach to manage access to buildings, rooms, and other secured spaces. It involves the implementation of advanced security mechanisms such as passwords, pins, biometric and facial recognition, smart card readers, and more. With a robust physical access management system in place, your sensitive data will remain protected from unauthorised access.

How is AI Revolutionising Access Control Systems in the UAE?

With the rapid growth of technology, the infusion of AI in access control systems continues to thrive. An estimated 95% of UAE organisations incorporate AI to bolster their cyber and physical security infrastructure. Not only does this automated access control score high in scalability, but also stays vigilant in anomaly detection and proficiency.

Organisations cultivate diverse ways to increase the application of Artificial Intelligence in physical security. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Physical Security

The confluence of physical security and machine learning takes access control to a new level. AI instils advanced video analytics in traditional surveillance systems to interpret video data and extract invaluable insights.

  • Cyber-security Improvement

Artificial intelligence security systems analyse blocks of biometric data to detect anomalies and patterns that might lead to fraudulent activity. This helps to prevent unofficial access, data breaches and other types of cyber crimes.

  • Threat Identification

AI in physical security incredibly traces intrusions. With high precision, this tech-led mechanism employs tracking algorithms and object recognition to identify threats and intervene immediately.

  • Adaptive System

AI-powered adaptive systems create a unique decision-making framework. This framework enhances efficiency and promotes better outcomes. By gaining real-time analysis and insights, authorities can make prompt and accurate decisions.

  • Remote Management

The infusion of AI in the security industry simplifies the dynamics of remote access control. With cloud-based remote management capabilities, authorities can operate and control the facilities of enterprises from anywhere, anytime.

  • User Convenience

Last but not least, AI-influenced mediums foster user convenience. With advanced security standards and a tech-driven approach, organisations guarantee a safer and more efficient experience to users.

What is Tomorrow of AI Physical Security?

Growing at an exponential pace, the future of AI-led access control systems in UAE is shining bright. Following are some of the key trends that will shape the future of physical access control and security:

  • Surge in Biometrics Usage

Over the past few years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented a range of biometric solutions to improve security measures and facilitate customer experience. With a growing population and security demands across the nation, experts have predicted the UAE to become a future hub for biometric innovation.

To meet the increasing biometric needs, ScreenCheck offers a wide array of biometric and facial recognition solutions. We ingrain machine learning in our tools to ensure accurate identification and advanced pattern recognition.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication takes the safety standards of organisations to new heights. AI-equipped access control systems in the UAE make it virtually impossible for unauthorised individuals to gain entry to any secured physical space.

By introducing a range of models for multi-factor authentication, ScreenCheck has transformed the way organisations manage access to their premises. Therefore, with the advanced dual IRIS recognition system, users are required to provide multiple forms of identification to gain access. This advanced technology ensures the highest level of security and gives authorities the optimum peace of mind.

  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies

As organisations collect more and more information about employees, clients and others, maintaining data privacy has become a crucial aspect of physical access control systems. Through advanced cryptographic techniques, access control systems safeguard personal data and ask for user consent before sharing.

Nowadays, reliable providers like ScreenCheck are combining Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) with Artificial Intelligence to harness significant outcomes in the aspect of data privacy.

To sum up, artificial intelligence stands as an all-inclusive solution to physical access control systems in the UAE. As mentioned before, the integration of AI makes physical security smarter and more efficient. AI pushes the limits of physical access protocols, maximising their overall security standards. ScreenCheck, a trusted biometrics and access control agency, is committed to delivering the next generation of foolproof and zero-friction physical security systems.