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Biometric fingerprint scanners are versatile and has a wide scope of application for myriad industries and purposes. Fingerprint scanners is arguably the most preferred use for biometric technology and its application is set to rise in the near future, where its market value is expected to rise to a staggering 23.54 billion dollars by 2020. This rapidly growing information technology has found its uses in a variety of ways; here’s looking at some of the applications of biometric fingerprint scanners.


Biometric fingerprint scanners can be utilised for both small-scale and large-scale government projects. What these scanners offer is a digital identification solution that is scalable, flexible, and accurate. It can be applied to border control, voter registration, national identification cards, and many other government projects. One thing that this provides over manual identification is the speed of the process.

This makes it extremely efficient, rendering identification smooth and seamless. What this looks like is the elimination of the long queues for manual identification at security points such as the border and the airport. Therefore, in this way, biometric fingerprint scanners brings in more commerce by making it easy for tourists to arrive at airports, and perhaps even more importantly, it stops people using fabricated documents from coming into the country, and thus improving national security in the process.

Biometric based identity can be used as a proof of a citizen’s identity instead of physical ones such as an ID card. When documents are based on fingerprints, the government will be able to provide for the citizens and give benefits and access to its various schemes and amenities. Furthermore, with biometric fingerprint scanners, a comprehensive national database of the voters can be created, and since each one print is unique, it enables quicker search and safer storage.


By introducing biometric finger scanners in their time and attendance systems, companies will be able to eliminate employee time theft and of course reduce payroll inflation. A fingerprint scanner and attendance system is able to track the check-ins and check-outs of an employee with ease. Fingerprint scanning eliminates cheating by making sure that the employee has to be present to be checked-in. As a consequence, the employees will feel a greater sense of accountability and they will be able to put in a greater quantity of work with this mind set. All the time spent on manual collection of employee attendance can be put on something else more productive now that a biometric finger scanner is there. Plastic ID’s can be a thing of the past as the only thing that would be required is the unique fingerprint of an employee.


Another sector where biometric fingerprint scanners have become indispensable is the banking sector, where it is used to protect sensitive and confidential customer data and to provide easier, less cumbersome transaction to customers. Any customer will be able to access their accounts and make transaction at any branch of the bank, instantly creating a link to that customer. Moreover, it also makes it possible for only authorized personnel to access and operate using their fingerprints, and it creates a clear audit trail. Financial frauds result in the loss of thousands of dollars each year, and with biometric fingerprint scanners, it can be eliminated. With these scanners, there can be irrefutable proof of identity.

Of course, biometric fingerprint scanners can be extended to any other sector where verifying identity quickly is key, such as law and order. Biometric fingerprint scanners is a revolution that is happening and it is simply a matter of time before it becomes ubiquitous.

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