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Attract Customers with Edikio Print Tags

Use Edikio price tag printers for printing attractive premium quality and long-lasting cards for display. Make your tags a compliment of luxury with ScreenCheck provider price tag printers in Dubai and UAE.

Edikio from Evolis is a trusted Price Tag Printer. Acknowledging it as a price tag printer doesn’t hinder the printer in creating magnificent price cards and tags. They are flexible and highly responsive. Real-time printing is possible with Edikio for meeting any urgent requirement without losing the value of the brand. Unique and out of the box designs can be made with the options of placing the logo and various typos within the card. Professional and classy outlook makes your display stand out creating uniformity across the shelves. No wonder your customers are going to get delighted. The card comes in handy designs just like your credit card. They can be cleaned, and they are much more durable. Plastic made display cards aren’t affected by cold or moisture.

The double side print on the card can display all the information about the product, product name along with price, unit of measurement and about the quantity of the product. You can add enough information to communicate with the customer and seek their attention.

Edikio is installed with user-friendly software which has almost 350 templates that can be used according to the business theme. The font comes with even the chalkboard font which gives an original feeling. The printer can print a single or a batch of a price tag in less than 15 seconds, making it one of the most reliable price tag printers in Dubai. The cards are professionally finished and are quality checked at the Evolis quality department.

So, in which all businesses can you use the Edikio printer and how effectively can it accelerate your business. ScreenCheck explains how the printers are used in various industries.

Bakeries and Food stores
Many food stores get their business adversely affected due to their poor price tags. One can get cheap and relatively simple cards which have low durability. They might require frequent replacement as they are constantly exposed to moisture. Some bakers had the exact problem with their laminated POPs, which deteriorated soon after being washed.

By using an Edikio printer which used PVC materials and offered designs in a matte finish and multiple color choices that would be less prone to water damage, making them last much longer than their previous card designs. This provided more hygiene methods of presentation which can be cleaned and maintained easily. Additionally, they are now able to create displays that are more attractive, clear, and consistent with core branding to enhance the overall experience for customers.

Luxury Hotels
Luxury hotels need to delight their customers with quality and elegance. A well-designed display card made their buffet presentation much more pleasing and customer friendly. Easy design customization to match the theme, creating a display that complements the luxury and aesthetics, and elegance that their guests expected as part of their buffet service. This also helped them to adapt displays for multiple languages and notify guests of important food ingredients. A study showed that Price tags can enhance the high standards found in the hospitality sector where quality and consistency are paramount.

ScreenCheck experts will help you install the software and place the Edikio price tag printer, but the design and user-friendly interface makes any individual install the machine without any guidance. Walk into ScreenCheck in Dubai today and choose the best card printer for your business.


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