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The turnstiles are used for streamlining human traffic and avoiding trespassing. When it is integrated with biometric systems, they become a essential equipment of security.

With recent developments across the world, the primary concern for every government across the world was to protect their citizens. Businesses have recognized the need for better security for the welfare of its customers and resources. Turnstiles can be implemented in buildings to secure the environment to improve physical security. Screencheck, one of the leading dealers of the turnstile in Dubai explains the advantages of the turnstile in your business space.


Improved Security

Unauthorized access can be restricted by installing turnstiles in key entrance points. Securing the main entrances using a biometric solution or an electric lock is one of the prime ways to protect from a security breach.  But biometric lock and access control systems won’t be able to control how the doors function or how many people can be allowed to access. Tailgating can happen when a fraudulent individual follows authorized personnel. A door cannot always help in streamlining the direction of people’s movement.

Unlike conventional doors, turnstiles can control the people’s movement after the access is granted and help to streamline the movement in a given direction. An individual needs to get authorized by access control before heading to the turnstile. Once the access is granted, the barrier opens to allow one person to pass and is closed immediately. The technology stops tailgating, loitering, and forced passages. Any unauthorized passage triggers an alarm.


Biometric system

Turnstile systems can be integrated with the building’s security control systems. Not just biometric systems but building security systems such as cameras, doors, and other security systems can be connected to turnstile systems. This helps to identify visitors by their entry time into the building. Businesses can be ensured complete safety and security by triggering alarms to alert possible mischiefs.



Any type of access systems like barcodes, magnetic stripe, proximity cards, or any kind of biometric technology can be used for access in turnstile systems. These kinds of readers allow individuals to gain access through their own credentials. This eases the function at the front desk and guards allowing them to work on their primary tasks. Turnstile can operate in both directions. Each passage can be customized to control the flow of people. Turnstile can be set to modes like free mode, controlled passage, and locked down. Free mode allows passage of individuals without having to produce credentials whereas controlled passage checks with access control systems for opening and closing of the barrier. Lockdown mode is used to completely block the passage even if the credentials are presented.

Business management can determine which mode needs to be selected according to operational requirements. The feature of bi-direction can be used to control people’s movement according to time and traffic. The modes are incorporated into the mechanical system through access control or independently advanced turnstiles which can be controlled remotely by the management through the application.



Turnstiles can be used to check admissions inside a specific area. Amusement parks, museums, stadiums, and business complexes use entrance-exit turnstiles to get the accurate count of people inside the premises. Installing a turnstile access control system can provide essential information on traffic and peak times.


Payment enforcement

Turnstiles can be used for payment enforcement at venues like stadiums or a railway station. Any place that needs to collect payment before accessing can use turnstile systems.  Business gains benefit from autonomous payment collection with the help of turnstile access control systems. Most venues these days integrate card readers that can scan tickets and determine if a person should be granted access. If presented with a valid ticket, the turnstile unlocks and grants single person admittance.


SESAME TWIN – Full Height Turnstile Gate

Sesame Twin from Tiso is a double turnstile. This pedestrian security gate benefits with significant space consumption and is budget-friendly in comparison to two single turnstiles installed one near another. It is a perfect fit for applications with the highest intensity of pedestrian traffic, like stadiums or large factories. Sesame twins are bi-directional with electromechanical drives. They have a 3-4 arm design separated with 120 degree- 90-degree modifications. The system can be integrated with any type of access control and ID systems thus making it one of the most reliable turnstiles in Dubai.


Screencheck is an authorized dealer of Sesame twin turnstile in Dubai. Screencheck has been providing unmatched service and authentic products for securing business spaces across the Middle east. Contact Screencheck by following the link



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