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RFID Systems

Companies are still unaware of the benefits of RFID systems in Dubai. This article sheds light on why choosing RFID can be an advantage to your inventory based business in Dubai.

Companies are still recelent to use RFID technology in their business process, mainly due to the misconception about the cost it incurs on the software and hardware. Screencheck, a leading biometric solution provider in Dubai explains how this can be managed and make RFID technology available for your business. Screencheck has an array of RFID products and solutions that are catering for many business sectors.

Screencheck has been working with valuable biometric assets for many years. Companies have been reporting issues of losing and misplacing objects. The possibility of using Radio frequency in inventory control was actually a breakthrough in business management. RFID is being used for more than a decade because of its ability in tracking moving objects. The system provides a unique identifier for the equipment or tool and that makes tracking possible at any time.

Greater efficiency at work

RFID equipment tracking, the technology of the future once, is now an integrated part of daily business operations. Construction companies, fire stations, hospitals, museums are using RFID tracking equipment to locate their tools, vehicles, valuable artifacts, expensive lab equipment or even patients from senior care facilities. As an example, a Testing Facility – had problems in locating very expensive lab equipment. The scientists and engineers within the corporation were taking equipment from a central depository, but they were not taking it back after use. That is why projects were delayed, the need for more equipment appeared and man hours were used to track and locate missing equipment.

Active and Passive solutions

A RFID asset tracking solution that would not interfere with their ongoing internal engineering and testing. And they also needed solutions for tracking mission critical assets and for non-mission critical assets.

The RFID asset tracking tag can have a reading range of 1,700 feet in open space and it has minimal impact on their infrastructure requirements. The technology used is 915Mhz and it doesn’t interfere with any “Wi-Fi” network. This client can take a “real-time inventory” of their assets at any time with just a push of a button.

For non-mission critical assets, a short range passive solution which is less expensive and has a tag read range from 8 to 30-35 feet. When a cart filled with equipment passes through, the RFID asset tracking system would read all the tags and update the system with the last location of all assets in the cart.

Companies state that the projects are starting faster now and the organization knows at any moment where the assets are, items history, who used it. Today the client’s job has been dramatically improved and now the organization is able to provide the best service to complete their humanitarian mission.

Over years, RFID technology is gradually showing a substantial return on investment, the tags cost, installation and the cost of deployment are significantly reduced. Benefits in different industries are different. In industrial applications, management or asset tracking, RFID can greatly reduce labor spent to improve asset utilization while reducing unnecessary expenditure.

The department managers and IT staff do not have enough persuasive practical experience to illustrate the many benefits brought by RFID, because they are not the end-user. Now the situation has changed, and every industry has countless business cases describing how RFID can play a role. Corporate management’s lack of convincing of the value of RFID technology

This is a common problem encountered by new technologies in the popularization and application stage. To implement the new technology, besides submit a reasonable budget and detailed program to managers, but also have to be able to direct contact to the top decision-makers to make them immediately understand the human and material resources and financial resources it needs to pay, as well as the value of the technology. Department managers and IT staff need to explain these issues to decision-makers from the point of view of the RFID technology. Screencheck Dubai has inhouse experts who can help managers understand the use of RFID Solutions in UAE.

RFID cannot be used in the metal environment and the liquid and the frequency in different parts cannot be unified. However, these so-called difficulties had been overcome, the uhf rfid tag now in market  can not only act on the metal environment can be embedded in the metal, but also can be applied to any industrial fields, even the tiny size of the assets.


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