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The Benefits of Using An Efficient Access Control System

Identifying your business possibilities and streamlining the processes accordingly with an efficient access control system can earn you a fortune.

Here are some of the common benefits that businesses of any kind can read :

Register the entry and exit

Businesses are able to keep a full record of each individual’s entry and exit by logging in when they arrive and leave. It is particularly useful in businesses with a high risk of internal theft, e.g. small items like pharmaceutical drugs are stolen every day from clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories. Furthermore, access control systems provide great ease of admission for people with entry clearance. Various means of identification can be used, such as access cards, PIN numbers, fingerprint readers, and more. With an efficient system, management ensures people work when they are supposed to. We can determine who entered a facility at the time of a theft or accident if the facility has been recorded as proof.

Reducing the Risk of Theft and Accidents

A company can protect its assets, valuable equipment, and even office supplies by controlling admission. You can restrict entry to specific closets and computer banks so that only trusted individuals can enter them. Also, employees know that their entry and exit are being tracked, which averts theft.

Likewise, some businesses might want to limit entry to areas with hazardous chemicals or equipment so as to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents. Access Control Systems can’t wipe off the act of theft completely, but can definitely hamper it by restricting the people from entering the building.

The systems won’t be able to completely prevent theft, but it hinders theft by restricting unauthorized entry during off-hours.

Keeping Unwanted Visitors Out

These systems offer the benefit of preventing unauthorized entry. Only allow those who provide the necessary credential input into your space. This ensures the management only authorized personnel to enter the space.

Easy to manage After-Hour Shifts

Nowadays, employees work in organizations at different times, so an access control system enables them to come and go whenever they need. People can come in early without waiting for someone to unlock the door but the managers don’t have to stay late to lock up at the end of the day. With these systems and cards, the management can offer flexible schedules to their employees. With advanced dashboards, the management can also check the employee login/log-out timings without manually being present on the business premises.

Restrict Entry to certain areas

In contrast with traditional key systems, access control systems allow you to grant entry to specific people and areas on specific days or at specific times. Depending on one’s needs, any door and any card can be programmed.

Create a Safe Working Environment

Safeguard your employees during an emergency situation. When a fire or other emergency forces a quick escape, doors with lock-and-key mechanisms remain locked. Fail-safe locks unlock doors when the power goes out, so people can exit a building without needing to look for their keys right away.

Increased Security for Sensitive Areas

Access control systems allow you to require credentials for entry into sensitive areas, such as data centres or any other zones that are vulnerable to threats such as vandalism, burglary, intrusion, and indiscipline. As a result, your facility’s safety and security requirements are met without the hassle of traditional security systems.

No Hassle of Keys

There are a few drawbacks to using keys, but with an access control system, keys are not required. The restriction of entry to certain areas requires individual keys, as well as the possibility of their loss. Instead, these systems save time for those accessing restricted areas and also save you money when you lose your keys.

It allows one to remove an employee’s entry rights from the system or deactivate an existing access card and assign a new one. The system does not require changing locks or issuing new keys.


These are some of the few benefits you can get out of an efficient system. Many more benefits can be achieved through streamlining your business process and identifying the possibilities to collect data that will help you thrive. To find the best access control system in Dubai, Contact us now!