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Time attendance system dubai

Time Attendance System Dubai

There’s no question that security, accuracy, and efficiency are the cornerstone of a business. Entry and attendance might seem like minute details, but the truth is, without an effective system in place productivity is likely to suffer.

What Are Access Control Systems?

Access control is essentially a method of controlling access to a physical or virtual space using identification before granting authorized approval through verification. Suprema’s biometric time attendance systems for Dubai are put in place to ensure accurate admittance at physical entry points via key cards, RFIDs, fingerprint recognition, etc.

What Is Time & Attendance Systems?

Time and attendance systems electronically record and track your employees’ day to day activities and can provide for accurate labour projections, leaving little room for error and allowing companies to accurately discern productivity, or lack thereof.

Suprema from ScreenCheck Middle East

A leading security system provider in the Dubai, UAE, ScreenCheck ME boasts a wide range of products to select from.

Suprema’s digitized solutions are dust, water and even vandal resistant. Their various models offer a range of access options, from hi-tech facial recognition to fingerprint entry, along with standardized Card, RFID, and PIN entries.

Time Attendance System Dubai
Suprema Face Station 2 – Time Attendance System Dubai
Time Attendance System Dubai
Suprema bioentry p2 – Time Attendance System Dubai
  4” Colour touch LCD screen  Certified dust and water resistant·  Impact protection
 Multi-band RF leading technology Powerful processor allows up to 20,000 matches per second  Ingress protection
 Infra-red, live face detection Built in Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities  Ideal for outdoor or site installation
 Improved ergonomics accommodate a larger range of heights
        Reads all card types

The benefits of Biometric Time Attendance System

The beauty of biometric systems (as opposed to the cloud-based providers) is that the entire system is set up on your premises directly at a one-time cost.

Whether you have a dozen employees or over a hundred, Suprema’s time attendance solutions in Dubai provide an accurate system that streamlines all your employee related procedures, leaving you to focus on running your business


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