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Biometric Attendance Systems Price in Dubai – Face Recognition Time Attendance Systems.

Biometric systems were once, mere science fiction, but here they are now, revolutionizing the way the world worked. They are everywhere! Here in Dubai, one of the world’s leading cities when it comes to incorporating modern technology, many offices had modernized themselves with biometric attendance systems, including facial recognition, way before they become as popular as they are now, around the world.

Having biometric attendance systems in offices come with remarkable benefits and advantages over conventional means and this attributes to their widespread popularity amongst companies. Here are some of them.

Error Free

The human features that a biometric system relies on, such as fingerprints, hand shapes, face shape and iris patterns are unique to an individual and non-re-creatable, and hence, make it a highly accurate system of identifying employees for the company. This has many further uses in offices such as generating late login reports and early logout reports, to name a few.

No More ‘Proxy’

Biometric Systems do not rely on access cards! As mentioned above, the human features biometric systems rely on cannot be forged by humans and hence, it totally eliminates the possibility of one employee logging in on behalf of another. Employees can no longer ‘steal’ time, which was a loophole in the case of access card utilizing systems. This can help companies, especially big ones, save huge amounts each year, which would be otherwise spent towards paying man hours that were not genuine.

ROI Shoots Up

With biometric attendance systems in place at offices, a lot of activities that would cost the company time and money, like material theft, time theft, and proxy, are prevented and this translates to a higher ROI. With conventional attendance systems that made use of access cards, companies would usually lose money this way, every year, and it added up to a substantial amount over the years.

Higher Output

Biometric Systems do such a good job of employee tracking that there is no more need to have employees in place to do it. This, therefore, leads to reduced staffing and also accurate and quick tracking reports for the HR department to look into (late logins, break exceedings), with everything culminating into a higher work output for the company.

Happier Employees

As biometric attendance management systems keep a track of every bit of time an employee spends at the office, they know it is never gone unnoticed when they put in extra hours. This, of course, leads to better employee satisfaction. Companies can also track the hours and prevent employees from going overboard with the amount of their time spent at the office to prevent employee burnout; something that can happen to even the keenest of employees. All these, make employees feel good about their job and never, overworked.

Total Convenience

To begin with, biometric systems do not require the memorization of passwords. There are no swipe cards or bulky badges, to be forgotten at home. There is no documentation as well. There is nothing at all that an employee has to carry at all times! All these make entries and exits through the many access doors of offices, a breeze for the employees, and thereby make offices better places to work.

Biometric Time Attendance Systems in Dubai

We offer some of the world’s most accurate biometric face recognition attendance systems, including the Suprema Facestation 2, here in Dubai. You could browse our line of products here. Please feel free to drop us a message if you would like to know the price of biometric attendance systems in dubai or just about anything regarding our line of biometric systems and accessories.


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