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Ever thought of hospitals having a biometric iris reader in its pathway and you do not have to carry all the previous documents and identity tracking papers clutched within your ailing hands! The biometric iris reader can resolve all these at just a glance!

In UAE, it is said that more than a tons of patients pay a visit to hospitals and it can redeem a situation from where a monotonous strategy overtake. It is always necessary to correctly identify a person and take a steady outlook on the medical history to properly treat the patients.

Mostly it is essential that people with a clumsier and ailing health, visit alone and it can be a daunting task for them to be.

It is utmost important for hospitals to the support the patients and restore their good health.

ScreenCheck portrays the following list of characteristics that can be employed to make a fair understanding of employing Biometric Iris Reader in Hospitals in Dubai!

Enhanced Security

There are infinitely large stances where you will have a breach of security in this information age. To minimize this we may use biometrics to escape from this folly. It is never possible to take a chance at security breaches and especially, when there is the case of hospital industry which stores the most confidential and significant medical data. Hence, it is always necessary to make an extra care at handling medical data. All hospitals in Dubai should find it possibly upbeat in employing this security method in their practice for the welfare of their patients and also in safeguarding their data.


Hospitals have to be very careful about their hygiene conditions and this is why iris scanners are the best technology for these places as they are not buttressed by a contact-dependent model. Patients suffering from flu or other contagious diseases don’t have to touch any device to register their attendance. This helps the hospital to prevent the spread of germs and other diseases.

Zero Identity Theft

There are chances of identity theft and forgery in these days. It can be completely avoided by using biometric iris reader from Screen Check. The most tentative situation that can arise in a hospital industry is misplaced treatment due to failure in identity. Moreover there can be areas where data gets stolen and identity gets fooled. These kind of follery can cost a life!

Lives at Stake

There can be chances where lives can be taken and toiled for a slight mistake at identification. Lost track of previous records that were documented can also be a big issue. The patient may not have that much time left for the lookout notice period. Hence, possibly it is necessary to identify the patient exactly and give the requisite treatment as early as possible. Not even a sec can be spared to commit a grave mistake that can make a person’s life at stake.

Human Resources are Significant

It is always necessary to consider that humans are a resource and so much of vitality must be imparted to it. It is necessary that these resources be safeguarded and taken care of. In this pricking time of lifestyle diseases, it is not a rare issue that people pop up to visit hospitals for a monthly checkup. It is always necessary to have a steady and constant look on their previous medical record to comment on the patient’s current medical status. Also, it can be a warehouse of all the medical data attested on that respective patient to deduce an analysis on how his medical treatment should shape up.

Data Corruption is nil

This is a world where we are left with no choice but securing everything associated with us. Even if it is a chunk of data! In this cyber era, hacking is a cakewalk. Hackers are so desperate to convoy on their adjourn and hunt for most credential data and prove that they are worth their salts! Consider a stance where a hospital in Dubai gets stolen of their entire database and a hacker modifies and crashes the entire datasets and sends back the bug file! How scary the situation can be! We all know, it is beyond words! Patient 1 who is diagnosed with Diabetes is suddenly shifted for a chemo!

This context can be a sickening and wicked stance where we are left with no idea on how to recover the data or proceed with the treatment. Let us say the cliché dialogue! The curse of over embraced technology! This is a cliché dialogue and remains as it is only if we fail to realize that all this requires just a glance! The imminent solution is Biometric Iris Reader from Screen Check which evades all sorts of tom-foolery!

No Duplication

Ever heard of a replicated biometric! It can never occur even in the wildest dreams! Each human can be proud of his own sole impressions because it is never forgeable! Even your own signature can be easily forged in these days. But forging an iris or fingerprint impression can take ages! The most spectacular situation can be availed with the employment of Biometric iris reader from Screen Check. Mostly, we will be left with an age where no hacking prevails if the entire system adopts this strategy! The significance of maintaining a secure and safer hospital conditions can be a pricking clause in this age of 24×7 technical hijacks. Data has seamless importance in this age and especially in the case of medical data an extra precaution needs to be advocated.

It is often recommended that hospitals in Dubai and all around the Middle East apply this strategy to treat their patients and make this clause an implausible tactic to showcase the upbeat medical trends. How wonderful it would be to track record of the complete medical history of a patient by capturing the image of his or her iris. Or in case an unconscious patient with no bystanders come up in an emergency situation and all we need is a look from his or his eyes!

This is the wide scope of a biometric iris reader in hospitals in Dubai!

“The enticing domains of Biometric Iris Reader in Dubai”

Screencheck ME, leading provider of biometric access control system Dubai. Iris scanners can be employed to safeguard high-value locations by denying access to unwarranted visitors in hospitals. Hospitals across the board have recognized the merits of this system and have gone about implementing iris recognition-based authentication systems in a great way.



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