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Biometric time attendance system dubai

Increasing productivity through biometrics.

Biometric systems are redefining the productivity of companies in Dubai. From pay roll generations to access control, biometric systems in Dubai make data storage and scheduling employees a easy task. 


In a growing economy like Dubai, every business needs to be in sync with time and order. Every company needs to track the time data of employees to make the business running successfully. With the advancement in data collection, companies in Dubai have got plenty of options to track data accurately and precisely. The biometric time attendance system in Dubai is gaining momentum and new products are launched into the market which is now capable of integrating with the cloud or sharing data real time across the globe.

With biometric punching machines, companies can now manage the overall productivity and streamline the workforce. These devices have integrated payroll software which will provide the right returns to the employee for the work he has done in the company. Thus the biometric system ensures that everything is justified and deliverables are precise. Let’s discuss how exactly biometric punching machine can help your business to run smoothly and more efficiently.

  1. Payroll

A biometric system helps in tracking the attendance of the workforce and calculates the payroll for every employee. This eliminates the need of having a manual register thus minimizing the data entry work considerably. With installing a biometric system, your organization has a clear and precise data regarding the employees without errors. Payroll errors can lead to legal issues which may land your company to court, but with the biometric machine working in your office, you can avoid such scenarios. You can contact any biometric machine suppliers for demonstration and understand the usability of the product.

You can contact one of the best biometric attendance system dealers in Dubai, Screencheck and know more!

  1. Ordered and accurate

Biometric time attendance machines can be set to work on a defined path which ensures everyone in the company is treated equally without discriminating. The machine makes it easy to calculate wages and work time of your employees. You can track over-time work, compensations and pay according to the data produced by the biometric system.

  1. Legal compliance

Dubai has some of the strict labour laws in the world. Penalizing a company affects the growth of the establishment considerably. Its therefore always recommend following the labour laws for the smooth functioning of the company. This can be acquired by opting for the best biometric attendance system in Dubai. Many countries around the globe channelize their employee payment through a biometric system for minimum daily rest periods, annual holidays, working hours per week, and to calculate over time.  This ensures that every employee gets sufficient rest, no unpaid overtime or get into legal trouble with them.

Knowing the advantages of having a biometric attendance system, you would definitely want to have one installed in your office too. There is an umpteen number of biometric attendance system dealers in Dubai who offers you affordable and reliable biometric system for your business. It would be an overwhelming process to choose the one that best suit you. Screencheck, one of the leading brands in Identification, Biometrics, RFID and video surveillance provides the best biometric attendance system in Dubai, The Suprema bio station.

The Suprema bio station’s time attendance machines are made with the latest technology to provide the most accurate, reliable and employee tracking. These bio-stations comes with various features like face detection which is ideal for big companies, fast data transfer and also sleek modern designing that amalgamate itself with the modern architecture. Screencheck provides many options when it comes to biometric attendance solutions. You need to know your exact purpose when you walk in to buy a biometric attendance system.

 Buying a Biometric system

Choosing the right Biometric system can be a tedious task. A right system can generate employee attendance as well as control the access of the office. The attendance software should work seamlessly to generate employee data which in-turn enhances payroll generation and the overall productivity of the company. You can contact Screencheck to know more about Screencheck’s biometric system. We make sure you know everything about Biometric systems before you purchase one.

You need to check that the sensors of the system are reliable. How quickly will the device scan a fingerprint or a face?  How long will the sensors work and their durability over time? You need to get answers for all these before you get one installed in your office. The system should be capable enough to withstand bad weather conditions so that it doesn’t hamper the work at the office.

Every biometric system comes with default features like built-in fingerprint reading sensor, smart card reader, a keypad for new registration; power supply, internet jack and wall mount option. Now biometric device for mobile is also available. All you need to do is attach small biometric hamster to your mobile and access the data to know about your employees.

With fingerprint templates stored in the cloud, registration of new fingerprint can be done from remote locations, biometric is advancing each day. You need to reach a seller like Screencheck, who are leading attendance machine suppliers in Dubai, to know your office possibilities with their brilliant biometric solutions.









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