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Biometrics attendance systems provide additional security and are extremely useful in logging the attendance of employees accurately. Typically, biometric terminals scan fingerprints and allow only authorized employees to enter the office. The system enables businesses to simplify their attendance and time record keeping procedures. The aim of this post is to explain as to how a biometrics time attendance systems work so that you can make an informed decision as regards installing one in your office.

Biometrics Time Attendance System – How Does It Work?

The fingerprint of each individual is unique. It is the same in the case of even identical twins. Read on to know how a biometrics attendance system that makes use of fingerprints to identify individuals works.

Step #1: Enrolment

This is the first step when installing a fingerprint attendance recording system. Each employee is asked to place their finger on top of a scanner. The scanner records and stores the unique features of each individual’s fingerprint in a database. Finally, this information is linked with the identity of each user.

The scanner employs the crossing number method to identify each user and measures bifurcations and ridge endings from the stored image. The information is coded. The accuracy of the scan is about 97.4 percent. The measurement is done within five seconds.

Step #2: Verification

Once the enrolment process is completed, the next step is verification. The employee is asked to place his/her finger on the scanner once again. The scanner reads his/her fingerprint and matches the same with the information provided during the enrolment process. The system has the ability to check and match 40,000 prints in a second. Typically, fingerprint scanning is done in two ways, optical or capacitive.

While an optical scanner records an employee’s fingerprint with the help of light and takes a digital photograph, a capacitive scanner makes use of a row of LEDs for the purpose. An algorithm is used to create a 512 X 512 pixels image and store the coded image to a computer. The capacitive scanner measures fingerprints electronically. It measures hollows and ridges and the distance between the ridges. Finally, the employee’s fingerprint is built using this information.

Step #3: The Fingerprint Terminal

This is the last step. A fingerprint terminal is installed at the entrance of the office and connected to the computer system. The employee has to place his/her finger at the specified point on the terminal. The scanner verifies his/her fingerprint with the coded data in the database. If a matching fingerprint is found in the database, the employee is allowed entry into the office.

In conclusion, biometrics attendance machines/systems are easy to use and they provide accurate information. These systems help to minimize payroll and timekeeping errors and reduce payroll costs.

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