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Biometrics is undeniably the future of security solutions.

Biometrics has become a part of our lives silently. Gone are the days with pins and passwords, we ourselves have become the key to our data. Biometrics systems in Dubai are making authentication, identification, and access more foolproof and reliable with the introduction of the latest biometric techniques.

Is it the trust we keep on the upgrading technology or is it the understanding that we aren’t completely secured makes us welcome changes in a security solution. Recently there has been a drastic change in security solutions, making privacy an important factor for all. None seems to really interested in showing their true selves. How many of us use fingerprints or face to unlock their phone or laptop? We use them to unlock the phone and then use the same to unlock our bank app or unlock a messenger app. It is already late to realize that we live in a largely unsecured world. Biometrics has grown its branches deep into securing the safety of humans, their assets and resources.

Biometric authentication has become an everyday technology. We have become so used to biometric system technology that we never even think it exists between us and we have adapted to changes it has brought. Its purpose and usage are only going to grow as more companies and services install biometrics in residential as well as for large scale business spaces.

The long run of PIN and passwords have come to an end. Many studies say hackers breach your content due to lost or weak passwords. Today everything is data, data that is no more stored in hard drives or servers but in clouds. With the increase of cloud-based computing and undeniable need to protect your data, more secure ways of protecting your data is a need of time. Is biometric security the final answer to these concerns?

Biometrics is the science and technology of learning human body characteristics. Physical or behavioral characteristics are used to digitally identify a human to grant access to data, space or device. Fingerprints, facial patterns, voice recognition are some of the biometric features used today. Each of these human features are unique to each individual and thus they can be used to check, authenticate and identify each human being.

On a not so specific timeline, we can say, changes started to happen with the emergence of smartphones. Smartphones brought forward the security possibilities of biometrics and people were eager to welcome new biometric security features. Face recognition is stepping into new frontiers with high-quality facial recognition. Mobile manufacturing companies are trying to implement iris scanners, showing a move towards mobile iris recognition systems. Mobile manufacturers now compete with each other in bringing their own versions of the technology. Innovations spurting every other day, mobile industries are using every biometric feature at their disposal.  With the world at risk of a data breach, biometrics has become a lifesaver through mobile devices. With everyone waiting for the next big biometric technology, we have understood the value of the security, privacy, and innovation.

Various multi-national companies and government agencies are using biometric systems in various different ways. Biometrics is now used for identification and surveillance. The world-famous Disney land is accommodating finger-printing technology to create a personalized experience. Many establishments and organizations in Middle East are using customized wristband and placing the index fingers in scanners to grant access to individuals. The wrist band is equipped with a short-range radio frequency identification chip. These bands track visitors and are linked to their credit cards. Therefore, visitors dont worry about losing time in unnecessary security procedures. Many companies and brands like Disney, world-famous buildings in Dubai and monuments are been using commercial applications of biometric technologies. Individuals are authenticated through biometrics to provide services, to grant access and identify.

Conventional methods like password, pin, and pattern are now outdated. Biometric authentication is currently the end solution for security concerns. With time and attendance machines, iris recognition systems, and radio frequency identification devices, the reach of biometrics has been impeccably strong. Vein authentication is the latest way of identifying someone by scanning the veins of the person’s hand.

Many companies and organizations in Dubai along with others are slowly implementing biometric security at every level. Biometric Time and Attendance machines are planted to check the productivity of human resources, ATM’s are equipped with face recognition systems and workspace with finger-print authentication systems. Screencheck ME is one of the leading  biometric device suppliers UAE. They have a fleet of security systems for your residence and commercial spaces.

Biometric technology is developing with each passing day. Futuristic technologies shown in cinemas are now getting real. Supermarkets in Dubai are planning to set up facial recognition for personalized ads. The car industry is now using fingerprint technology and other biometric authentication methods for guiding, tracking and locating cars. Developed countries and developing countries are extensively using biometric technologies in creating unique experiences and new opportunities. But no matter what, the growth of biometrics doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


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