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ID Card Printer kenya,Nairobi,Mombasa

ID Card Printer Kenya , Nairobi

In thriving metropolises like Mombasa and Nairobi, identification cards are the growing standard in every facet of public life; Educational institutes, offices, fitness or social clubs, nearly every venue now has a need for plastic ID card printers. Even the many shops, hotels and wildlife reserves in Nanyuki, the gateway to Mount Kenya, has an increasing market for staff and authority ID cards.

A Necessity of Plastic Card printer 

Whether it’s for security reasons, identification purposes, or just a matter of professionalism, ID cards are in fact an essential part of daily life. They aid in preventing fraud, provide accountability, and are of course proof of access and identity.

Entrust Datacard card printer  and Evolis ID Card Printers Kenya

While there is a vast selection of card printer brands available in the market, Entrust Datacard and Evolis ID card printers are in a class of their own.

From eco-friendly dye sublimation, to wireless and ethernet connectivity and printers with contact and contactless encoders, both brands offer a diverse range of ID printing solutions to suit every organization’s individual needs, irrespective of their scope and required volume; The Evolis Primacy even has a colour touch screen!

ID Card Printer kenya,Nairobi,Mombasa


ScreenCheck Middle East

A key distributor of Evolis and Entrust Datacard ID card printers, ScreenCheck is the first official supplier of the brands in the region. With a massive network and over 25 years of experience, ScreenCheck provides ID card printers in UAE and Africa to thousands of customers worldwide.


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