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For any organization, however big or small, it is important that they invest in the right ID card printer . This is because the market is flooded with more than enough ID card printers and such a task becomes overwhelming. This is the reason why we have gleaned out some points that you can keep in your mind while picking one from many models of ID card printers.

How to Buy the Right ID Card Printer in Dubai

The step-by-step guide to buying an ID card printer in Dubai is as follows:

#1: First define your company’s requirements as to how the cards are going to be used, what should the cards look like, how long should they last, and how many you need in one year. The answers to all of these can lead you on to the type of card that will suit your organization the best.

#2: Choose between a direct-to-card printer and retransfer printer. The type of security t your workplace, the functionality of the card that is desired and the way in which you want the card to appear, all decide what is the type of printer to be chosen. Direct-to-card printers are largely used for photo IDs (Datacard printer works well for personalized cards), membership cards, etc. They are cheaper than retransfer printers. The latter type produces more durable images and offers better consistency as far as printing is concerned.  However, they are slower.

#3: Some of the other factors to be considered are: printer dimensions, connectivity options, lamination, quality of print obtained, single/dual-sided printing, encoding options, print volumes, warranties (Datacard SD260 and Datacard SD360 come with 30-month print-head warranties; Fargo C50 comes with 24-month print-head warranty; Evolis Primacy card printer comes with a 36-month warranty for the printer and print-head), and design and visual security.

For buying the right ID Card Printer in Dubai, contact Screencheck ME.



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