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How Can You Improve Access Control Security Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Security breaches have become more frequent today, creating new threats from individual to organisational level. Therefore, controlling security using digital measures has become imperative. A proper access control system in Dubai helps business spaces like laboratories, offices, or pharmaceutical companies to neutralise threats. This is where Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can play a huge part. It is a security system, which requires you to provide two or more different factors.

Let us dive into deeper depths regarding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and its usefulness in protecting business spaces.

How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Improve Access Control?

Multi-Factor Authentication is a method which requires you to provide more than one verification factor to gain access. Thus, it is a dual authentication access control measure which can ensure the safety and security of your organisation. Generally, a multi-factor access control system requires an additional ‘One Time Password’ or OTP to give access apart from the stored data of an entry-seeker.

The OTPs are 4–8-digit numbers that you receive upon entry request on your phone or other devices. Therefore, in multi-factor authentication systems two factors, fingerprint and face ID or fingerprint and OTP grant you access.

Thus, there are several ways by which multifactor authentication systems improve access control systems in Dubai. They are as follows:

1. Increases Security

Making a user provide multiple credentials before they enter, prevents hackers from using stolen passwords to enter. Therefore, there is no chance for hackers to enter and steal business data from your workspace. This adds a layer of security over the existing one, ensuring additional safety for its users.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses have private and confidential information that can cause damage to their business. This data if compromised or leaked can cause havoc in the business operations or it might hamper company patents when stolen. Hence, by using a multifactor authentication process a business can meet regulatory compliance and ensure safety for confidential information.

3. Greater Adaptability

With dual authentication access control, it is easy to manage a huge number of people. This is due to the flexibility of creating a database and storing information of chosen entrants. Thus, using a two-factor access control you can create a private space that is accessible using dual verification.

4. Use Single Sign On Solutions (SSO)

This is one of the advantages of multifactor access control for using a single profile for various entries. Thus, for every individual, just a simple code, coupled with a fingerprint or iris scan facilitates easy entry.

5. Removes Need of Remembering a Password

With a number of applications and accounts, you might forget passwords. With the MFA system, it becomes easy to use their fingerprint with an iris scan or an encoded card to gain entry. Such a system is helpful as they are user friendly and you do not need to remember and enter entry passwords every time.

Different Types of Multifactor Authentication Systems (MFAs)

With a rise in automation and technological advancements security detection is constantly upgrading. Emirates also started a similar facial recognition system to save time for passengers and ensure secure access control. Hence, 2-factor access control or (2-factor access control) is the need of the hour to prevent unauthorised access and loss of company data. There are multiple access control systems in Dubai for increasing security. Some of them are as follows:

  • Facial Recognition

This is a process of identification that uses a 2D or 3D sensor. The sensor captures your facial image and then converts it into a digital data-applying algorithm. Then it compares digital data with those already in the database for providing access. You may try Suprema Biostation 3, or Suprema Facelite to get the most technologically updated security for your firm.

This system provides faster processing of information and quicker access to verified individuals in a private space. They do it using MFA access control using facial recognition and fingerprint reading.

  • Iris Recognition System

In this system, your iris is read by a video scanner and many unique points about your iris are noted. This is stored in a database, and when you seek entry, it is matched with the information available in their database. If the input and stored information match, then you get an entry.

You may try similar iris recognition devices at entry points like the CMITech EF-45 Dual Iris Recognition System. This system uses a high-resolution iris scan technology and additionally, provides face recognition as a dual authentication access control technology.

  •  Electronic Access Control Cards

Using electronic access control cards, it is easier for you to swipe or touch a proximity card and gain access. A proximity card has encoded information inside it which is identified by a card reader. Thus, if your card does not have accurate entry information then you are not allowed to enter.

Wrapping up it is crucial for you to have a good access control system in Dubai for minimizing security breaches. Thus, using a multi-factor authentication lets you use two different checks to ensure entry. Such a set up promotes a safe working environment and avoids illegitimate access by hackers. Hence, enforcing a piece of hardware recording fingerprint or iris scan data increases safety. Such a system also prevents the mishandling of data or breaches of private space.

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