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Innovations for securing your Business.

With threats to assets happens every day, it’s important that establishment create solid and strong identification and security systems. ID Printers are becoming an inhouse essential and a must for every company.

Every company after hiring a new employee is obligated to provide an identity to the new employee with the company’s ID card. Personal ID cards are an essential need for your company. Creating an identity card is no more a tedious task. ID cards these days are used for security and surveillance along with the basic purpose of identification. Screencheck, a popular dealer of ID carder printers offers a wide range of ID card printers. With their friendly assistance and comparison charts, you can find the most convenient ID printers that fit your budget. They have a huge arena of the latest Smart ID card printers in Dubai which gives you great options to purchase one according to your need. Different types of cards can be produced these days for guests, employees or staff members so that the management can keep a track on who is inside your business premises.

Companies in Dubai now have in-house ID card printers that can help them to customize the needs and change the security according to needs. In this article, we talk about the much popular and affordable DTC1250e Card Printer by Fargo. Fargo ID card printer in Dubai is an ideal choice for small business establishments which can help you save time and money.

In 2014, Fargo’s innovative and ice breaking DTC1250e conquered the market with few added features that gave faster output and upgradable WiFi. These features still attract customers across business sectors.


When you run a business, you want your work done without losing time. Understanding this, Fargo DTC1250e was designed for higher speed. From the conventional 24seconds/card, Fargo created a woofing 16sec/card for full colour, single side. This almost cuts the print speed to half the earlier time. With no compromise on print quality, Fargo delivers one of the best in class ID cards for your business.

Wondering what if you need a double side? Fargo DTC1250e comes with a customizable option for double-sided printing.



Every printer comes with the WiFi option now. But what makes  Fargo DTC1250e different is its upgradeable Wifi with an ethernet connection. You can customize the WiFi field you need while installing the ID printer. You need to enable the Ethernet option while you purchase the ID printer if you like to upgrade to Wifi.

If your requirement is less, then Fargo DTC1250e goes an extra mile with a compact swing and a 30 card output space. With the WiFi option over the conventional Ethernet, The Fargo ID card printer is portable and doesn’t have too many confusing connections.

With all these features and more, Fargo fits in your budget and delivers you high print speed.


The Fargo has created an Eco-friendly ID printer that can use the standard bulky Fargo ribbon cartridge or a refillable Eco cartridge. These ribbon reduce the amount of waste created and thus helping to be a part of sustainable development. Check for Eco cartridge ribbons by name while you purchase the new Fargo DTC1250e.


Print Quality

The Quality of an Fargo ID card printer in Dubai is determined by the print quality it provides and the number of ID cards it can create annually. The main competition between ID card printers in Dubai is in the terms of print speed and the Fargo ID card printer DTC1250e has a edge over all the others. The machine can produce 600 black and white cards and 150 colour cards in an jaw-dropping one hour. Now that’s something in the printing sector.  The Fargo printers uses a special method of dye-sublimation, which gives clear prints and protect the card from UV light and moisture.



The Fargo DTC1250e has multiple encoding options. From conventional standard mag encoding to MIFARE, Fargo ID printer does it all. It is same with all other variants that came after DTC1250e.

The machine also comes with ISO magnetic stripe encoding, dual high- and low-coercively.

Smart card encoding: 125 kHz reader; 13.56 MHz read/write encoder.

Contact smart card encoder reads from, and writes to, all ISO7816 1/2/3/4 memory and microprocessor smart cards (T=0, T=1) as well as synchronous cards

All models of Fargo DTC1250e come with a 3-year warranty.

As pioneers in Identification, Biometrics, RFID, Video Surveillance, Screencheck has years of experience in working with clients who use various printers for their business. Screencheck has in-depth knowledge about their products and provide solutions for clients within reasonable budget. Screencheck provides some of the best ID card printers in Dubai for all kind of business.

Datacard card printers in Dubai are invading the market with their technology which is par above the existing brands. Datacard ID card printers are known across the globe for much faster output compared to others. With the ISO 9001:2000 certification, Datacard has gained trust from various business establishments for their strong quality and innovative technology that is changing Identification as well as security sector.

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