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Id card printers are changing the way clients and employees perceive a workspace.

The global work environment is changing  and corporates are trying their best to upgrade the workspace. The new Datacard CR805 with its cutting edge technology, is changing the ID card printers all around the globe.

However big or small your business be, its essential in the modern work culture to fulfill all the convenience and comfort for employees as well as clients. More than often, companies still rely on third-party agencies to make identity cards for their employees. The process is tedious, time-consuming and loses money. Companies should consider investing in a card printer so that the cards can be printed in-house as there are a number of benefits of printing the cards on their own. ID cards are a part of the normal identification process for almost every company around the globe. It gives the employees a sense of pride and allows them to spread the identity of the company among the crowd. The identification card helps to ensure the security of the employee, provides various methods of management review and creates tiers of security clearance that may be needed for various authorized employees.

Identity cards aren’t mere paper card slipped into a plastic holder with a fancy chip embedded on the card. A few years back, it might have been enough but today the global work environment has changed. The security devices have developed beyond compare. ID card printing technology has been increased dramatically over the years. Current security requires plastic image grade PVC cards or cards with the capabilities of embedded information for multifunctional use.

A professional ID card printer can enhance the security of your organisation making your business reach global standards. New techniques in colour identification card printing make the ID cards more durable and tamper-proof. Security features available with current ID card printer systems protect the authentication of the cards and of the printer system and supplies. A well-designed identity card can ensure the safety of every employee inside the company is authorized and no trespassing is happening.

Entry-level ID cards roughly contain the company logo, employee name with photograph and any other information related to the company. With changing times, the ID card’s functionalities have changed. Proximity chips, magnetic stripes, smart card encoding help provide additional capabilities of the identification card. Access to certain premises and visitor management systems now uses an Identity card as a key. IDs can provide an additional layer of security to ensure that authorized people and products only go where they are approved to go.

Gone are the days when installing an ID card printer was a messy business and never a user-friendly device. But today, ID card printers and Softwares can be easily installed without any assistance from the manufacturer. Software is easy to install as well and can provide a broad range of card options. A complete ID card printer system comes with all the equipment and accessories for the installation, ID card holder options and software for making a complete professional ID card.

Screencheck, one of the leading dealers of ID card printers in Dubai has inhouse security device experts who can provide you with a free consultation regarding the right card printer for your business.

Datacard CR805 is giving a whole new dimension to ID card printing. Sold through Screencheck, Datacard CR805 is one of the most versatile and advanced ID card printer now available in Dubai.

Datacard CR805

The Datacard CR 805 Retransfer card printer is the next generation ID card printer. It is known for its brilliant colour reproduction and superior image quality with a design that can suit any global workspace. Just like the office inkjet printers, CR 805 makes ID card with fine dot pigment ink which generates vibrant and long-lasting colours. The pigment ink is laid on the ID card surface layer by layer with 600-dpi printing. With exceptional image quality, highly detailed card designs, including guilloche patterns and all the information in the card including barcode or QR code can be printed clear and sharp.

The Datacard CR805 is capable of printing and encoding access control cards which can be used in time and attendance system machines. The machine makes long-lasting durable cards by adding a layer of retransfer film to reduced mechanical and UV damage. The ink used by the printer is UV resistant.

Datacard CR805 has a lamination module that has additional security features. The unique tactile impression feature in the lamination module allows you to emboss emblems on the card. The Datacard DuraGard film comes with holographic protection. The features make CR 805 one of the most advanced ID card printers now available in the market providing unmatched image quality and better card. Tactile impression offers the next level of security when coupled with holographic lamination.

The Datacard CR 805 comes with a 36-month standard warranty and a limited lifetime warranty for the printhead. Talk to an expert at Screencheck about the Datacard CR 805.


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