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Choosing an ID card printer

Businesses and government entities having in-house ID card printers is the new standard for an effective and efficient business model. The vast majority of models, sizes, and prices for these printers have made it so that even a small to medium business owner can utilise an in-house ID card printer in UAE, suitable for its’ organizational requirements.

UAE is at the forefront of the identification and security sector; their implementation of identification security and regulatory procedures have been lauded by overseas governments and business, setting the standard in electronic IDs.

Admittedly, this means ID card printers have saturated the local market.

ID Card Printers

Taking in to account your requirements, i.e. volume, security options (RFID, biometrics, etc.), and longevity, the ID card printer you select should have the specifications essential (speed, connectivity, batch sizes, and images per ribbon) to meeting your required output.

Here, we have listed a number of brands for ID card printers available in the UAE.

Javelin id Card Printers

are compact, reliable, and easy-to-use. Boasting a full range of encoding options and delivering outstanding performance, it’s an economical and reliable solution for most printing needs.

Fargo ID card printers

in Dubai have models that supply plastic and PVC card options. Widely respected in the identification and security industries, Fargo ID card printers range from entry-level to high-end, with several available options producing excellent image quality, durability and are excellent solutions for printing drivers’ licenses, ID cards, ID credentials, and more.

Polaroid id Card Printers

feature a range of user friendly, compact, portable, secure, re-writable, eco-friendly and economical line of printers, ideal for small to medium organizations. The various models offer edge-to-edge full colour or monochrome high-quality printing with an IAT magnetic encoding option, and USB or ethernet connectivity.

Magicard printers

in Dubai have a number or printer options, divided across essential, high-definition, and speciality ID card printers. Their streamlined process allows printer upgrades on-site, and all models offer the built-in, anti-counterfeiting technology – HoloKote, a patented process that lets you watermark ID cards and badges at no extra cost during the normal print cycle.

Nisca plastic card printers

are economical, user-friendly, and have a durable casing, built to last. The first to deliver a dual-sided printer in 1994, Nisca has a database of hundreds of loyal dealers and satisfied customers around the world. Their printers’ durability in particular make it a favourite for factories and large businesses that require heavy-duty printing.
The German giant in ID card printers, Matica has desktop, instant issuance, and industrial size printers. Their top of the line, direct-to-card, high-definition printers have been employed across varied industries including (but not limited to) entertainment and hospitality venues, healthcare, corporate, telecommunication, transit & transportation, retail, education, and financial & government sectors.

Given the number of brands available for id card printers in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the number of options to select from, the key is to select one that suits your unique printing needs.

ScreenCheck ME

The official and primary distributor of an extensive variety of printing solutions in the MENA region, ScreenCheck ME has a massive inventory of the most up-to-date models in the business, along with compatible, functioning software.


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