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Choosing the right card printer for your business


Are you outsourcing your demand for ID cards at your office? It’s time to rethink the card printing process by choosing the right card printer for your business in Dubai.

Managing offices is a hectic job and science is still making innovative solutions to make the office place more interesting and work efficient. We are usually too used to the office space that we find it hard to point out equipment and systems we rely on to make the office work more easy. One such device that is now getting popularly used is the ID card printer.

Do you have any idea, the number of prints that the employees take out on an average? – Several hundred every month. So if you are planning to buy a ID Card printer in Dubai, Screencheck Dubai makes you consider different aspects while choosing the right card printer.

As with everything else, the first and the foremost thing that you need to consider is the quality of the printer. A good quality product will always give you a better performance whereas a poor quality printer will make your printing experience a poor one. You will not be happy with the product and will have to purchase another one. so browse through product review, to see what the geeks have got to say about the item. This product review site is a great place to know about the functionality and usability of the product. You can also choose to walk into a Screencheck store in Dubai and get advice from in-house experts

You need to understand your card needs before actually printing it. You also need to know a rough estimate of cards needed for a year so that you can schedule print massively without overburdening the system. For large volumes, you can use a feeder and a high capacity hopper. The print speed may help you take the decision in this regard.

You get both coloured cards and monochrome cards using card printers now. Monochrome card printers in Dubai are useful when you need to print QR code or barcodes in the card. Monochrome printing can be done in several colors, green, blue, red, silver etc. You also need to decide if it’s a single sided print or double side. Double side printer is always an investment which won’t be a wrong decision anyway if you are anticipating a business growth or to print huge numbers.

The card can also be used as a security tool if you embed a magnetic lap or chip or code on the card. This allows more utility of the card and normally barcodes and QR codes are printed on cards printed for high security areas.

You cannot ignore the cost factor. So take into account the amount involved to buy it. As a facility manager, you know the budget that is allotted for buying stationeries, so stick to your budget. Don’t go overboard.

And finally the installation process. Make sure that the store will send over a professional who will install the equipment and will teach you how to operate it. Make sure that the printer is compatible with all the computers and laptops used in the office. The device can be contacted using USB cable, Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

Once you consider all these aspects, you will be in a far better position to buy the right card printer for your business. Evolis card printers are the best in the market and you can purchase one from an authorized dealer, Screencheck Dubai.


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