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Choosing the Right Turnstile for Your Business

An article guide on choosing the right turnstile for your business premise. What are the different options and how Screencheck Middleeast helps you to find the best access control system in Dubai.

Security is a rising concern in growing economics today. With increasing terrorist attacks inside shopping complexes and airports, governments are employing stringent physical methods to ensure the safety of people and property. To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities, one of the best options is to implement turnstiles methods to control employee and visitor access.

Turnstile gates can be mainly classified into three categories, optical, full height and waist high. Depending upon the business requirement, aesthetics and application, one can decide which turnstile offers the best access control to the premise. Also, choosing the right turnstile requires consideration of different factors, including whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, the desired level of security, budget, features needed and aesthetic preferences. Turnstile gates are ideal for indoor movement control of individuals and when integrated with access control, the result is always positive. Studies have shown that turnstile application is more effective than conventional security methods.

Optical Turnstile

The optical turnstile consists of two cabinets set apart to create a single file movement of individuals. Optical turnstiles use sensors to detect and track a person through the turnstile. Optical turnstiles can operate with or without barriers, although when used for security purposes they usually come with some type of motorized barrier. Optical turnstiles are ideal for situations where speed of entry and aesthetics are important, such as in corporate lobbies, multi-tenant buildings, university recreation centers and modern health clubs. Typical applications include main lobby access, employee entrances and elevator bank access.

The optical turnstile is aesthetically pleasing providing movement in both directions. The system actively interrupts tailgating, loitering and has anti-pass back detection. The system accommodates handicapped users.

Full Height Turnstile

Full height turnstiles consist of rotating barriers that extend from the floor to the top of the turnstile, creating a full-height barrier that looks like a revolving door. Full height turnstiles can come as a single unit or as a tandem unit, which combines two turnstiles within a smaller footprint. They are best suited for premises that require a high level of security, especially in unmanned locations. They are mostly employed in federal organizations where security is a prime concern.

They are more advantageous over other turnstile gates due to their rugged build. They provide bi-directional movement and has active access control on both sides. They are suitable for outdoor installation too.

Waist High

Waist High turnstile are gates with barrier arms placed at waist height that rotates themselves for each individual step. They are sturdily constructed and are known to last over years. They are mostly employed in public places that are crowded or in places where crowd management is difficult. Other common uses include lobby areas, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and employee cafeterias. Typical applications include employee access control and visitor management. Waist-high turnstile is known for its durability and versatility. They are bi-directional and more economical than other turnstile options.

Screecheck ME the leading turnstile distributor in Dubai has a wide array of branded turnstile gates and access control doors for various business needs. You may contact Screencheck ME to know more about the possibilities of installing the right turnstile for your business premises. Before specifying, purchasing and installing turnstiles, consult federal, state and local building codes to ensure the installation meets access requirements. Requirements may differ between jurisdictions.


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