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Bravo Zebra ZXP 7 ID Card Printers in Dubai

With too many ID card printers in Dubai market, it is a tedious job to find the best card printer for your business. Knowing your demands and criteria, one can short down the list and choose the best card printer. Zebra ZXP 7 Series printers are one of the most desirable printers available now in the market.

Zebra ZXP 7 Series Card printer is one of the most demanded card printers in the market right now.

An ideal card printer can enhance the security of an office and also save much time from the process of making ID cards. An ID card printer with its relevant software, an access control system and updated security can make employees unified.

With a wide range of ID card printers in Dubai at the disposal of clients, it’s quite tedious to find or choose the most apt ID card printer for the company. Not all ID card printers are alike. Different brands make different card printers with varying features. Screencheck, one of the dealing distributors of ID card printers in Dubai has a long array of branded card printers. With their dedicated experts in access control and security management systems, clients get the best card printers in Dubai within affordable price ranges. Here is a list of criteria to look forward while buying the best card printer for any company in Dubai.

  1. One side or Two
    Some ID card printers only print on one side of the card while some card printers are capable of printing both sides in one cycle. If your employees need a colour print/monochrome on both sides of the card, choose the dual-sided card printer.
  2. Magnetic strip or smart card
    Magnetic strips are used to store data and are often used in time and attendance systems. Many brands provide this feature in some of the variants of card printer. It is always better to select a printer that can be upgraded or which can make magnetic strip encoded cards. You can also choose a smart card with a memory chip embedded in the surface.
  3. Count
    If your printing requirements happen yearly, then it’s wise to choose a printer with high volume printing. These printers have the capacity to hold 100 cards.
  4. Durability
    If the cards needs to be used by your employee for more than a year, then choose a printer that is capable of laminating the card. A thin clear protective layer is adhered to the surface of the card, protecting image and information from wear and tear or bad contact. It is recommended to choose a printer that laminates using a composite of PET/PVC and not PVC alone. Composite PET/PVC cards are designed to stand up to the heat generated by the lamination process. A lamination capable printer helps the card from duplication by fraudulent.
  5. Networking
    ID card printers can be connected using USB or ethernet cables allowing them to used from any connected computer in the office. Many printers now come with parallel interface along with USB connectivity.

Zebra, one of the leading ID card printers manufacture some of the most innovative and useful card printers. Screencheck sells one of the most trusted variants, ZXP series 7 card printers. Here we detail more about Zebra ZXP 7 series card printers.


The Zebra ZXP Series 7 has innovative design and has a very user friendly interface. The Zebra ZXP Series 7 produces high-quality ID cards in medium to high volume applications. The printer is cost-effective and has a low maintenance.  They are fast and reliable, printing exceptionally sharp quality ID cards with effective colour control.It automatically adjusts to the thickness of the card, and ribbon loading is easy. The system comes with a clear LCD panel with colour guide which is simple to use.


The Zebra ZXP 7 series printers are made to withstand any environmental conditions and applications. The print quality and colour depth produced as exceptional. The machine uses edge-to-edge printing technology along with laminator which helps in durability and lengthens the card life. The fast printing ability improves the productivity and shortens the process time. The machine can process up to 3 jobs at a time. The high-capacity media, ribbon and laminate rolls are all synchronised.


The Zebra ZXP 7 series is considered to be futuristic. You can choose features according to budget and can add to your portfolio of card printing. The series also offers a variety of encoding and connectivity options, including UHF encoding and wireless connectivity. The machine can serve responsibility in industry like health care, hospitality and transportation.

Selecting Zebra ZXP 7 series from Screencheck can never be a wrong decision. Screencheck, the leading distributors of Card printers in Dubai  has industry experts who can guide you in understanding Zebra card printer in Dubai and how the system can be installed in your office.



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