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Iris Recognition System

With changing times, we need changing technology. The demand for CMITech EF 45 has increased triple fold post pandemic.

CMITech’s EF-45 dual iris recognition system has been successfully deployed in many hospitals around the globe. Medical law was revised in many hospitals around the world stating the need of recording the people visiting the surgery room, patients room, delivery room  and the intensive care unit, the details needed to be recorded and stored. Several hospitals since then have been using CMITech’s EF-45 and CMID Manager access control application software. The iris recognition is a highly favorable solution of identification in hospitals where most of the people wear surgical masks and gloves. EF- 45 is a contactless and hands-free biometric solution which helps in controlling the spread of any infection by touching a surface. The World Health Organization recommends all health institutions and organizations to maintain a record of all persons entering a patient’s room, including all staff and visitors, according to the guidance and protocol provided for prevention and control of new Covid-19 infections. A strict access control of hospital facilities and Airborne Infection Isolation Room is mandatory to stop the spread of this highly dangerous virus and other contagious diseases.

EF-45 is designed for great convenience, usability and customer acceptance through its highly innovative face display positioning system. Users need to be in the defined proximity of the device to capture the face by centering the face into a front facing display. While the user gets closer to the device, multiple images are captured within 35- 45 cm of the display. The user needs to merely position his or her eyes within the centering box, and then moves toward the EF-45 until the box and indicator bar turns green. If the subject moves too close, the indicators will turn red. Capture is automatic, with typical capture times of about 1 second from the time of being within range. EF-45 is, therefore, highly intuitive and requires minimal training for the subject to be able to utilize the system quickly without any positioning problems. The system has an integrated terminal associated with the iris recognition system. Face display positioning provides greater ease of use with its compact system which can be installed by anyone who has limited device familiarity.

The EF-45 utilizes a nominal 5.0 inch touch screen display for system setup and configuration, and user input and output screens. It runs on a highly modern Linux-on-ARM SOC internal mainboard so that all processing is embedded. While applicable to all stationary iris recognition applications, the EF-45’s setup and system interface software is optimized for Physical Access Control and Time & Attendance applications.

The device is lightweight and compact. This makes its mechanical integration system flexible and adaptable. The system measures about 165 x165 x45 cm. The system can be connected using TCP/IP or using a USB cable. The system can be integrated to multiple units in a hospital with varying strength.


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