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Complete Data Center protection from ScreenCheck

Data centres are vantage points for various kinds of thefts and forgery. It is therefore essential to protect these premises. Screencheck Middle East provides security solutions for all kinds of physical threats.

IT-related facilities come with two different modes, one is off-side and the other is in-house. IT centres require high security as they are infrastructures that hold delicate as well as confidential information. Hackers might attempt to steal information from vulnerable networks, and servers are located at remote locations which are hard to trace, therefore, a coordinated security strategy is needed in tackling this problem.

Data centres need protection starting from the perimeter of the facility. The building needs to be well-monitored, servers need to be secured, and racks containing wiring arrays and equipment need to be under stringent security measures. The security layers may feature perimeter barriers and surveillance or secured entrances with high-level access control like mantraps and turnstiles, badging, multi-technology biometrics, and analytics.

Data centres vary in size as per the clients they serve. Each data centre consists of abundant digital data, wiring compartments, networking and system alarms, and firewalls. The core of these data centres is always a data storage location. While all these areas are susceptible to remote virtual breaches, a physical breach into the data centre that destroyed wiring infrastructure, or resulted in stolen servers or RAID drives would be catastrophic for an organization’s business health and operations.

We tend to think that securing data centres can protect data virtually, but it’s beyond the virtual protection of data. Layered security within the building makes data centres secure and protects them from possible mischief. This can be attained by limiting access points into any facility housing a data centre, while keeping unencumbered exits required for exit by fire codes.

A high-security data centre in Dubai would require people entering the building to authenticate themselves a minimum of three times. A well-maintained visitor management system in Dubai would require guests to receive temporary access rights via mobile or RFID access cards. In the case of a co-location facility, security revolving doors with anti-tailing sensor systems can be used.

Time and access control systems in Dubai that are installed in Data Centers will have multiple authentication processes like a combination of face recognition, fingerprint, RF card, and/or PIN. Video surveillance can be integrated with a biometric access control system for a complete palate of security features.

Data centres will be housing the highest degree of security and therefore would require an anti-tailgating strategy. Turnstile doors in Dubai assisted with biometrics and personal interlocks are incorporated into the building access control systems. A personal interlock would also work to prevent tailgating and piggybacking by only allowing one person through at a time.

A study has come up with a comprehensive solution in following best practices in securing data centres. The following practices are copied from an article published in International Society of Automation’s flagship publication InTech,

  • Conduct regular audits that check for any vulnerabilities in the data centre facilities to ensure security. Check to see if the access control systems, video surveillance cameras, and electronic locks are functioning and are being maintained. Check if any job role changes in the employees call for an update in the procedures and systems.
  • Strengthening access control systems: As an outcome of the audit checks, any facility requiring extra protection should receive additional security. For example, multiple verification methods for personnel entry can be installed, such as an access card and fingerprint or retinal recognition.
  • Enhancing video surveillance: Video cameras should include both indoor and outdoor areas of the facility. Similar to the access control systems, 24-hour surveillance can also be implemented. Such measures will significantly enhance the safety of the facility.
  • Enforcing security measures: This requires employee training on the security measures, and it should address consequences if procedures are violated.

Screencheck, a leading biometric service provider in Dubai has all the security systems needed to secure your Data Center in Dubai. From various access control systems to automated biometric doors, Screencheck is the go-to place for all the security solutions. You can contact Screencheck at +971-4391-0707.