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The UAE consists of a diverse population, and therefore, celebrates many festivals. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there is a frequent migration of people to and from countries, permanently or temporarily.

This makes it a challenge to the authorities whether it be from the government, schools, or corporations, to keep a track of the identities of the new and old citizens or expatriates.

Need for ID card printers

With technology, identity becomes of vital importance since it carries everything from work, inheritance, family, ownership, and so on; hence losing an identity to someone else through fraud, misidentification and forgery becomes an unimaginable consequence.

The UAE aims to strengthen national security and prevent such mishaps from happening. The identification system is a long and tiring one for its citizens and expatriates but is also necessary, hence one has to compromise.

However, technology has also given rise to various options which many ID card printers implement to ease the waiting process and provide durable and secure ID cards with a high and appealing quality.

Evolis ID Card Printer vs Polaroid ID Card Printer        

Using the latest technologies like RFID, magnetic strips and smart chips embedded in the ID card, Evolis ID card printers provide secure ID cards at a cost -effective rate handling barcodes, text, graphics and photos with dexterity.

Evolis Primacy Single Sided ID Card System can print 200 color cards per hour with drop in style cartridges for consumables and screen-based pop up alerts.

Evolis Badgy200 Single Sided Photo ID System offers 2 million colors with a 16 MB RAM and displays graphic printer notifications. Evolis Quantum 2 Dual Sided ID Card Printer with Magnetic Encoding has a quantum printing module which is flexible printing and encoding.

Datacard and Magicard printers together have been branded as Polaroid ID card printers (OEM’ed). Though expensive and rare to find they provide great printing results.

The Datacard SD260 printer, rebranded as Polaroid P3500S single-sided ID card printer, provides vivid color options. It prints cards at 4.2 seconds in monochrome and 18 seconds in color. The printer has an easy- to- install printer driver. It also features an LCD screen right which updates the status at a glance. It provides options of magnetic coding, 100 card output hopper, extended warranty, printer loaner plans and card printer training.

The Polaroid P4500S single sided ID card printer (Magicard Enduro+ ID), provides windows compatible print drivers and secure shield overlays with 5 choice patterns and has Ethernet connectivity. The Polaroid P2500S ID card printer (Magicard Pronto) can be taken anywhere with its small and light foot print.

Both ID card printers are eco friendly and fast in printing secure ID cards, but the Evolis series is more cost effective than the Polaroid ID card printers.


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