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In the UAE, high security and privacy is of primary importance to the government to prevent thefts, frauds, hacks, forges and misidentification from occurring.
Though sometimes, security breaches involving privacy complicates the lives of innocent people, safety itself cannot be compromised.
Spending time and money to verify their personal identification, citizens and expatriates become victims to a long, complicated identification procedure.

Need for ID card printers
ID card printers in UAE provide advanced amenities using technology to suit the requirements of various industries. Though the options are vast, each ID card printer offers a different set of services.
Fast, easy, secure, high-quality, and visually appealing ID cards are the top demands of busy industries.
However, quality comes with a price. It is rare to find that all in one cost – effective ID card printer in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, so one must choose a priority to approach the right ID card printer.
Is your priority security or durability?

Zebra ID Card printer versus Magicard ID Card printer

Zebra has made a mark in the ID card manufacturing industry in terms of producing a high volume of critically secured, durable and cost- effective ID cards to suit the requirement of any demand. Using retransfer plastic cards, Zebra allows three dimensional technologies like RFID and magnetic strips to be integrated within the card.
Providing quality printing systems since 1993, Magicard offers a full-line of ID card printers to suit a business producing a low volume of highly durable ID cards for daily use. They integrate smart cards, proximity cards and RFID integrated cards for faster access.
Important identity documents which hold critical personal data can be printed in the form of an ID card through the Zebra printing system, making it useful to access highly secure environments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; but heavy-use ID cards which suffer daily-use can be printed through a Magicard printing system.

Screen Check

Screen Check is the leading distributer and provider of security products and service providers in the Middle East. Its presence is felt in over 27 countries, delivering high quality and reliable products


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