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In the UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are global commercial hubs, which leads to many expatriates and citizens moving in and out of the country frequently. Without maintaining a permanent and easily accessible record of identities, the national security of both citizens and expatriates can be threatened.

Need for ID cards

Identification cards are vital in preventing such a situation. It prevents granting fraudulent access, helps maintain identity records of large industries – increasing work efficiency, and helps enhance student safety within or outside the premises.

However, maintaining a various set of ID cards and standing in long queues makes the ID card system a long and tiring procedure.

To make the lives of citizens and expatriates easier, not only were various schemes like the Amnesty program introduced, but also many ID card printers implement technology to suit the various demands of the diverse economy.

Entrust Datacard Printer vs Javelin ID card Printers

Entrust Datacard Printer provides options for secure centralized data to be personalized using a simplified credential design. The printers allow data capture and user management in the issuance program. It offers a broad range of printers, from high-speed systems applying customized security laminates and personalized smart cards to low-cost, low-volume models for basic needs to suit any type of demand anytime.

The SD460 Smart Card Printer, Encoder and Laminator offers a tactile impression feature and secure overlays. The EZ-ID Photo ID System includes the SD160 card printer, an YMCKT print ribbon, TruCredential™ software, 250 blank cards, a quick install guide and a webcam.

To build customer engagement, the CE840 Instant Issuance System is a single hopper offering high-quality embossing, indenting and magnetic stripe encoding. The SD360 Automatic Dual Sided ID Card Printer provides an extended 100-card output hopper and an extended 200-card input hopper. SP55K Kiosk Thermal Card provides a choice between three flexible configurations, adapt card printing for multiple kiosk designs and launch new kiosk concepts more quickly.

As the winner of the best UK printer supplier in 2013, Javelin ID card printers provide a free Cardpresso XS software, a user- friendly interface with each printer purchased which enables users to customize their cards quickly to their satisfaction. The Javelin® DNA PRO is the new generation of Javelin J230i which comes with a ribbon and software to provide many fields upgradable security lock and encoding modules.

Both Id card printers offer secure ID cards which offer a user- friendly system in which users can customize and personalize their ID cards. However, Entrust Data card Printers offer a broad range of ID card printers in UAE which boosts security and efficiency while Javelin ID card printers offer a various range of colors and ribbons to make appealing customizable designs on the ID card.


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