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Customize your tag for attractive business

An attractive display card with relevant information can go a long way in sustaining your customers.

Edikio price tag printer from Evolis is a premium choice printer for hotels and restaurants in Dubai. Know more about the Edikio price tag printer in Dubai and why you need to get them right now. The price tag printer is the machine you need to impress your customers.

You walk into your friend’s party and decide to take the buffet dinner. You walk through the food counter not knowing what you are going to eat, everything looks spicy and juicy but you are confused about the content. You don’t eat beef, you hate beetroots and you don’t want to ask the chef every now and then what’s the dish made off! Now forget this experience and you walk into a restaurant for a lavish buffet dinner. On every bowl of a dish, you see a card in the size of your credit card with the name of the dish and the main ingredients.  You are relieved, those price or name cards saved you. These tags can be used in hotels, warehouses or in shops for better customer experience.

Edikio Access, the price tag printer from Evolis is one of the most popular price tag printers in Dubai. Edikio Access allows you to print customized tags that can attract customers. They are one of the most affordable all-in-one solutions for creating and printing price tags on plastic cards. Creating unique display cards brings in all new identity for your business. Edikio access allows you to make labeling products easier and optimize the presentation. They produce attractive and customized plastic cards in the size of your credit card. There are much handly and easy to use other than the conventional methods used in stores, restaurants or hotels.

Screencheck ME is a leading card printer suppliers in Dubai. Security solution experts explain a few advantages of using price tagger in your shop and why choosing Edikio is the best option.

  1. Product information: You can provide enough information regarding the product through these display cards. The plastic cards can be made quickly and have a wide range of different formats and colors.
  2. Brand recognition: A brand taking a step ahead in seeking customer attention is always recognized in public. The cards are attractive, premium and slick labeling that reflects the identity of the business
  3. Reliability: The Edikio price tag printer prints fast cards on demands, making it the most reliable in the time of urgency.
  4. Handy: The software with its easy GUI makes personalized labels in minutes and its easily movable. It is hardly the size of a desktop printer


Screencheck recommends Edikio

Edikio from Evolis is a trusted Price tag printer. Acknowledging it as a price tag printer doesn’t hinder the printer in creating magnificent employee badges or gift cards and event cards. They are flexible and highly responsive. Real-time printing is possible with Edikio for meeting any urgent requirement without losing the value of the brand.  Unique and out of the box designs can be made with the options of placing the logo and various typos within the card. Professional and classy outlook makes your display standout creating uniformity across the shelves. No wonder your customers are going to get delighted. The card comes in handy designs just like your credit card. They can be cleaned and they are much durable. Plastic made display cards aren’t affected by cold or moisture.

The double side print on the card can display all the information about the product, product name along with price, unit of measurement and about the quantity of the product. You can add enough information to communicate with the customer and also seek their attention.

Edikio is installed with user-friendly software which has almost 350 templates that can be used according to the business you do. The font comes with a chalkboard font which gives an original feeling. The printer is able to print a single or a batch of a price tag in less than 15 seconds, making it one of the most reliable price tags printers in Dubai. The cards are professionally finished and are quality checked at the Evolis quality department.

Screencheck experts will help you install the software and place the Edikio price tag printer but the design and user-friendly interface makes any individual install the machine without any guidance. Walk into Screencheck today and choose the best card printer for your business.



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