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Visitor management system helps to maintain order inside any business space by ensuring the safety and security of its employees and visitors.  VAMS is one of the most trusted visitor management systems in Dubai distributed by Screencheck.

Know your visitors and act responsibly with VAMS.

Visitor management system has been extensively used as a security measure across Dubai. Organisations, big or small are facing security issues on a daily basis and they have a hard time protecting it’s resources. The main purpose of a visitor management system is to keep a check on visitors by maintaining data containing all visitor details. The data helps them in tracking visitors, print ID cards, capture the signature of visitor and allowing a two-way communication between the visitor and the employee. The visitor management system thus ensures the safety and security of the organisation at its best. It increases staff productivity and elevates the identity of the organisation in the business circle.

Visitor Authentication Management system is a web-based system that helps the management to collect the information of every visitor in an organised way. The system uses two-factor authentication system which is installed at the entry of an organisation. The platform validates every visitor to secure the premises and is used to track every visitor inside the premises. VAMS is a user-friendly application that comes in three different variants, the corporate VAMS, Commercial building VAMS, and the residential building VAMS.

Years before, every visitor needed to interact with a security person to detail him about his identity and the purpose of the visit. The information was entered manually which had chances of missing out major points or ended up with bad scribbling, incorrect serial numbers and more. Every visitor was required to enter their details and made to wait for granting permission from the management to access the premises. All these processes took time and would exhaust both the security personnel and the visitor. This explains why visitor management systems like VAMS is a boon to industries across the globe.

Designed to completely eliminate the possibility of any discrepancy inside a premise, a visitor management system in Dubai is on the rise. The system helps in validating every visitor thus ensuring that the overall business isn’t hindered by an unknown person inside the premises. Considered to be one of the most innovative security solutions of our times, VAMS has essentially become an important aspect of any organisation or industry. VAM software stops any fraudulent visitors from entering any of your business space.

VAMS can also be used to make a useful reports for organisational needs. The system has a feature called OmniReach which alerts the employees and visitors any bad situation during any emergency. It is also synced with the locker management system enabling every visitor to have digital lockers. This ensures that all the personal belongings are safeguarded without any human intervention. Along with the safety of employees inside an office, VAMS also maintains visitor privacy. Visitors could be anyone, from legal or financial department whose address and the contact number would be visible to everyone. The touch screen kiosk of VAMS makes sure that every detail entered into the system is safe.

Features of VAM

  1. Authentication with mobile phone along with photograph and photo ID.
  2. Multiple Language Options are available including English and Arabic
  3. Use of the barcode or RFID to check in as well as check out the visitor instantly
  4. Pre-Schedule appointments via Mobile App
  5. VAMS can handle multiple visitors in a party to save time.
  6. Contract labour and outsourced vendor can be issued a pass with barcode & assigned validity.
  7. Visitor’s hardware details can be captured by scanning bar code or manually into records.
  8. No or minimal human intervention
  9. A customized pass with a barcode can be printed.
  10. Management gets notified when a visitor comes to meet.
  11. At any given time, how many visitors are there on the premises.
  12. The user can send out SMS alerts to all visitors & employees at once, about an emergency.
  13. User will not be able to create an appointment for visitors who are blacklisted by company.
  14. The VAMS application will work on tablet PC’s/KIOSK for self-registration.
  15. We offer both the modules to facilitate client’s IT requirement .
  16. VAMS is compatible with all the databases & has a dedicated 24×7 support team.

Screencheck leading access control system suppliers in Dubai. Many industries across Dubai consult and implement VAMS with the support and guidance from Screencheck. Screencheck employees security solution experts to guide every client through the purchase process and helping them to install the VAMS system in their business space.






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