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Digital ID card printers available in the UAE

With the high security levels in UAE, it is mandatory to check the personal identification of both residents (emirates ID) and expatriates (passport), but the process is posed to be time consuming and complicated in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Globally, the identification procedure has never gained as much attention. Frauds, hacks, forges, and misidentification are common problems, raising complications in the identification process.

Need for ID card printers

Technology has given rise to fast, easy, secure, and quality ID cards, the result of advanced ID card printers.

Quality comes with a price. It is rare to find an ID card printer which has a user-friendly system, is fast and cost-effective, and also promises quality and visually appealing ID cards.

While there are a variety of ID card printers available, one must prioritize their requirements to acquire the right ID card printer.

Evolis ID Card Printer versus Matica Id Card Printer

Since December 1999, Evolis has manufactured the most reliable and high- quality ID cards efficiently due to research providing cutting edge advanced ID cards. Using the latest technologies like RFID, magnetic strips and smart chips embedded in the ID card, they provide secure ID cards at a cost -effective rate. Evolis can also handle barcodes, text, graphics and photos with dexterity.

Matica Technologies from Germany provide robust durable ID card machines with upgradeable add-on modules for the printers like magnetic strips and Wi-Fi connection modules. The set up comes with an input hopper and output tray and sometimes an output hopper as well to make over the counter operations easier.

Both ID printers have a variety of options to suit the convenience and demand of the client, but Matica id card printer prints 260 cards per hour while Evolis is printing 850 monochrome ID cards and 250 color ID cards per hour in a picture like quality.


Screen Check 

Screen Check is the leading distributer and provider of security products and service providers in the Middle East. Its presence is felt in over 27 countries, delivering high quality and reliable products


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