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Evolis ID card printers are now being widely used across various campuses and universities understanding its benefit. Know more about Evolis automated printers suitable for your campus.

At the start of every academic year, there is an uphill challenge of making ID cards for students in a very short interval of time. It involves issuing each student with their own personalized cards, considering various students’ profiles. But with the advancement of technology in security systems, there are now solutions that can smoothen out the process every year.

Printing students’ ID cards is one of the tedious tasks for which the amount of work can’t be precisely calculated. Although the administrative files should be complete, a single missing piece of information can prevent a card from being issued. School or College authorities can either outsource the work or have an in-house ID card printer which can be operated upon card requests, check them and issue them to the students. The process anyway, is time consuming and laborious.

Evolis has been trying to bring innovative and break through solutions in ID card making. With the new Evolis printer, the process is completely automated, giving enough time for the staff to focus on other works in the university. Cards can be printed by students at their convenience with the help of an automated ID card printer in Dubai. Through the card personalization and printing modules available in these terminals, student ID cards can be issued automatically without the intervention of a staff member.

With employing automated card printers, the management gets time to look after other needs which can earn them profit in one form or the other. Students won’t feel the process of taking an ID card tiresome with this new system as they can take an ID card at their convenience rather than sticking to office hours. With a simple identification method, a student’s profile can be created and stored in the system as well as a card is provided in just minutes.

The university will have full control over the ID card printer which means the fears of outsourcing can be avoided. Universities wouldn’t need to employ anyone for the purpose of printing ID cards for students. Various colleges around the world have started self-service terminals for providing ID cards for the students.

Many universities in Europe find themselves in bottleneck situations due to pressure of ID cards during the start of every academic year. With automated ID card printers, the issue has been now smartly handled in most universities. ID cards are known more as a campus card which can be used as a Student ID card, Library card, electronic wallet for the cafeteria etc.

Like before, Card ID doesn’t just facilitate to prove students their identity now, but they are flexible now. ID card printing terminals can be used for encoding various purposes to using the card for making payments inside the campus, borrowing books and other resources for media libraries. Students can now use stationary equipment without the fear of unnecessary interactions. RFID chips can now be embedded in the card for making it more personalized. In the wake of Covid, touchless solutions to avoid physical contact and maintain hygiene are on priority and Evolis ID Card printers do the same.

Thus, by providing the right ID card printer, the university can take full advantage of the ID card printing terminal at the campus. Maximize your return on investment while improving the student experience.

Screencheck has been an authorized dealer for biometric systems in Dubai including the latest line of Evolis automated printers. Screencheck experts can advise you the most appropriate solution that is best suited to your needs. Evolis designs customized systems to meet your expectations.


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