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ID card printers come in three levels from the manufacturer entry-level, mid-level and high-volume or professional card printers. It is always a daunting job to select the right printer for your enterprise.

Before going on to buy a specific ID card printer for your business it is important to have a clear understanding of the different features of the different brands of card printers.

For entry-level printers, you need a machine that will print cards quickly and reliably. Entry level printers are usually a mite slower than mid-level and professional printers.

Therefore, such printers are great for the not-so-speedy operations. Such printers are capable of printing both monochrome and colour cards. Evolis Zenius brand of printers is a good choice for entry level printing jobs.

Entry level printers are most suited for small offices that house a few employees where you need personalized cards reliably and quickly.

Fargo ID Card Printer Dubai  & Evolis ID Card Printers

Mid-level printers are ideally suited for schools, mid-sized businesses and universities. These machines are capable of printing up to 2000 ID cards in one year. These printers print at a faster rate.

The printers are endowed with more security options and some of them can be upgraded to have dual-side printing capabilities. Evolis Primacy range of printers is good for mid-range printing jobs.

These are versatile and easily adaptable. The input hopper sizes of Evolis Primacy and Fargo id card printer DTC 1250E are100 each but the output hopper size of Fargo id card printer is only 30 compared to that of Evolis. The costs for the Fargo range is slightly more compared to the Evolis id card Printers.

For large-scale printing jobs, it may happen that you may need high-security levels, superior quality of print and volume of over 2000 cards in a year. Many of the machines in this line have touchscreen options, double-sided printing option, lamination, re-transfer printing, etc. Higher volume printers always carry longer warranty by the manufacturer. Most high-volume printers offer laminating capabilities and have other advanced options.

Evolis Securion range of ID card printers is better than the Fargo HDP4500E ID card printers in Dubai in terms of volume and security features.  Zebra ZXP Series 7 is yet another option that you can check out.

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