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With the latest technological upgrades, ID card printers have also become more refined with a wide range of features. So, be it business, hospital, or bank, in-house ID card printing has now become an easier option without being tech-savvy.

Are you looking to purchase an ID card printer in UAE? Then you must be familiar with some of the latest upgrades like smart card encoding to improve your access control.

We are here to guide you on some of the important features that can help you decide what you precisely need.

Features to Consider While Upgrading Your ID Card Printer

If you are looking to upgrade your ID card printer, here are some features that you should consider:

1. Printing Quality

If you are already using an in-house printer and considering an upgrade, do not forget to focus on the quality.  A high-quality printer enhances the professional appearance of your card and ensures readability. Therefore, look for a printer that offers high resolution and colour depth.

ScreenCheck ME offers a range of ID card printers that provide high-quality prints with a resolution of up to 600 dpi like the Bravo CX7600 ID Card Printers. We offer the best quality ID card printers in Dubai that takes care of immaculate image quality for your ID card needs.

2.  Printing Speed

If your current ID card printer is unable to meet the volume needs, consider upgrading to the module with a high printer speed. Printing a full-coloured card requires up to 30 seconds per print, in a standard printer model.

So, if you require substantial print volumes, upgrading to a faster printer like ZXP Series 9 ID Card Printers with industry-leading speeds can significantly reduce both time and costs. ScreenCheck ME offers ID card printers that can print up to 300 cards per hour.

3. Connectivity

Not all printers have Ethernet or Wi-Fi. However, for a fast and easy printing process, a wireless upgrade of ID card printer in UAE is imperative. A Wi-Fi module can ensure unbroken wireless connectivity to your internal network.

It allows computers to print and encode ID cards effortlessly without requiring direct connections to the printer. Therefore, you should check that your printer can connect to your network and allow you to print from multiple devices.

4. Smart Card Encoding

Smart card encoding is a popular option that allows you to improve access control. With that said, if access control is a priority in your ID card needs, then your printer purchase will be a little different than standard.

Access control cards contain a small chip to store data that raises the card surface. Therefore, regular printers can damage the card while printing. So, consider retransfer ID card printers like Artista CR805 ID Card Printers by ScreenCheck ME, which comes with both contact & contactless encoders.

Organisations with high-security needs have to be wise about their access control, and this is where smart card encoding proves to be a great investment. They are more functional than magnetic stripe ID cards and can hold up to 100 times more data. Moreover, they are tamper-proof, reconfigurable, and the most secure technology card option available.

5. Holograms and Laminations

To increase the longevity as well as security of your ID cards, consider going for a printer with holographic laminates. While lamination protects your ID against UV radiation and extends its lifespan, holograms protect the personalised data of the ID cards from tampering and counterfeiting.

So, if you are looking for the best ID card printer price in UAE, look for ones with custom-coded & custom holographic laminates like the ZXP9 with Laminator. It can fulfil various ID card requirements, offering both single and double-sided lamination, Dye Diffusion retransfer for access control, along with an upgraded maximum print speed.

6. Printing Method

There are two main types of printing methods for ID card printers: dye sublimation and reverse transfer.

Dye sublimation uses a ribbon with panels of colour to print directly on the card surface.

On the other hand, reverse transfer uses a film that is printed and then fused to the card. They offer higher print quality, durability, and security, but they are also more expensive and slower than dye sublimation printers.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose the best printing method for your ID card printer. ScreenCheck ME offers both dye sublimation and reverse transfer printers from leading brands such as Zebra, Bravo, and Entrust. Browse our selection of printers today and find the one that meets your requirements.

To sum up, upgrading your ID card printer is an important decision that requires careful consideration. By considering the printing quality, printing speed, connectivity, encoding options, and others mentioned above, you can get clarity regarding your business needs and upgrade to a printer that satisfies the demand.

ScreenCheck ME offers a range of ID card printers in UAE, along with related products and services that can help you upgrade your ID card printer and create professional-looking ID cards for your employees, or members.