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Fish and other seafood are common sources of food poisoning because of the high risk of bacterial growth as compared to other food choices. While ensuring hygiene and sanitation through the supply chain from capture to the sales counter to avoid contamination, it is also important that fish shops and counters make sure packaging and price tags that come in contact with it are completely food-safe.

Food contact compliance is key to the F&B industry in the UAE. The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) is responsible for developing and adopting standards in the UAE.

Food contact materials need to comply with the general safety rules as stipulated in GSO regulations 2231/2012, 839/1997, and 1863/2013. These regulations are mandatory in the country and require materials in compliance with good manufacturing practice or other quality schemes adopted by ESMA.

The Edikio price tag solutions by Evolis can be quite handy for fish and seafood sellers to make the labeling consistent and give the displays a fresh-from-the-harbor look while using plastic material that’s hygienic, easy to clean and food-safe.

Fish is not always merchandised from the source location, making it a key requirement to keep it refrigerated. So it is important to choose price tags that can withstand cold and moisture. Edikio price tags are a perfect choice for refrigerated displays or ice display counters.

Edikio by Evolis

Edikio is a card-printing system that allows you to print attractive, personalized, and handy price tags. These solutions are innovative alternatives to the labeling methods traditionally used in fish shops and counters in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

With Edikio, you can design tags to show your brand logo, fish/shellfish type, price, etc. You can update the info and print the tags yourself as you need them in under 15 seconds and directly at your point of sale. The credit card format is an ideal size to highlight your products on the display stands. The tags can be easily customized to show all mandatory information that complies with food labeling regulations in the UAE.



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