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Food labels get a taste of tech revolution

The latest technology in fresh food product labelling will remodel the look of retailers and supermarkets in the UAE.

ScreenCheck, the leader in ID card printers, Time and Attendance, video surveillance and biometric access controls has collaborated with the global brand, Evolis, for the launch and sales on Evolis Edikio, in UAE on May 3rd. Fresh food retailers and food professionals, who are in dire need of durable, reusable and hygienic food labels can now benefit from the hassle-free and easy-to-use Edikio Evolis.

The Edikio advantage

Food professionals dealing with fresh produce (butchers, florists, bakeries, delis etc.) require long lasting labels that needs regular update and must be food contact safe. Edikio is easy to clean, durable price tags and can display all the necessary consumer details; ingredients, prices and allergens [INCO]; and can be printed within seconds at the point of sale. The harmonized and fully customisable price tags not only gives a facelift to the overall look of the products, but also adheres to the food safety and quality regulations in UAE.

Perfect solution for retailer needs

Edikio solution comprises of the card design software, the card printer and black plastic cards and plastic ribbons for quick printing on the plastic cards. The design options for the personalisation of the cards are:

  • Black slate like style with white print.
  • White cards with monochrome print in black, red, green and blue.
  • Various card formats: credit card (54×85,6 mm), long (50x150mm and

50x120mm) or small (54x29mm) for the labelling of smaller products to House Specialities.

From smaller food outlets, to larger supermarket chains, Edikio can facilitate the varied label printing needs of the retailers. Evolis solutions come as per card formats specific to the need.

  • Edikio Access: The perfect and affordable solution for small scale printing of single sided cards in credit card format
  • Edikio Flex: A more flexible option for printing both long format and credit card format of single sided price cards.
  • Edikio Duplex: the advanced version, for large-scale printing needs. It can print double-sided cards in both long format and credit card format.

 Evolis software and installation

The design of the highly effective and one-of-a-kind price management and card printing software prioritised the specific needs of various food professionals. A more advanced version of this software, Edikio Pro, which is available with Edikio Duplex, can manage multi-user rights for the use of large food retail outlets.

The use and installation of the software and printer can be easily done and require no IT expertise. For service and support, ScreenCheck consists of factory-trained engineers and consultants, to assist with customer needs and decisions.

Quality Standards

The top reason Evolis has gained popularity is due to its contact compatibility with food items. The ribbons and cards have undergone several laboratory tests and gained ISEGA certification for contact with food. Some price cards have magnetic bases, some spiked directly into food and some allow joint card presentation.


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