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Parenting can be overwhelming, make it smart with RFID solution.

Radio frequency Identification is currently one of the most trusted security technology available. They are not only useful in industry sector but soon they will be an aid to keep the kids safe. Know more about RFID solutions for parenting here.

Radio-frequency Identification is famously known by its shorthand, RFID. RFID Technology provides the security solutions that the world currently needs. A digital data encoded in RFID tag or smart label is captured by a scanner through radio waves, this is technology with which RFID works. RFID is similar to the existing bar code but with too many advantages. The best advantage is the ability to recognize data beyond the normal range of a bar code.

So how do RFID solutions in Dubai help you raise your kids in a more secure and safe way?

It’s said that children are the most prone to danger. Keeping them safe is a responsibility of all and when parenting, it’s an obligation to be more responsible. RFID solutions can be implemented in a creative and safe way to face the challenges of keeping kids safe in a smart way. RFID solutions are installed in hospitals, at the entrance of the maternity ward so that the babies are safe.

Kids are always curious, they don’t have limits and feels that everyone around are here to love them. They love to explore the world which makes every parent overwhelmed about their kid’s safety. With RFID solutions, parents can keep a track on the kid and what he/she is doing. Parents get live updates regarding the safety of the kid so that they can be at their best during work hours. A recent survey report says working parents can’t give out their complete potential in work due to the concern of their kid’s safety during office hours. The recent bad scenarios that happened in various parts of the world puts every parent concerned about the safety of their kids.

An RFID bracelet wore by the kid can give parents a feeling of safety while letting open the kid to the world outside. With passing years, kids grow and demand more freedom and space. RFID solutions never hinder the normalcy of life, it becomes unnoticeable and habitual, call it an invisible companion for your kids in every situation. For example, parents can know if the kid is attending the class or lost his direction while walking or riding back home. With presence of RFID in the school bus, parents can know if the kid boarded the right bus, the details of the bus driver meanwhile the driver knows the exact stop of the kid. RFID systems in Dubai come with a sound alert system that notifies any malpractice or security issue that the kid is facing while away from parents.

Parents can easily work around the RFID interface and preset locations that are safe for the kid or show the right path. Through online, any parent can check the whereabouts of their kids, whether they boarded the right bus and if they have been dropped off correctly.

Not just kids, teenagers can use RFID as a means of accessing door in school, home or a part-time job. These systems can be used to open smart doors, pay the bill at the school cafeteria and more. RFID has immense potential in making this world a better place to live.

Just as personal security, RFID is used in the business environment and complex workspace for the smooth movement of the workforce. RFID solutions can be applied to many industries in Dubai. Being a place of rapid growth, it is important to maintain the safety of buildings and people around. RFID is now employed in:

1. Inventory Management
2. Asset tracking
3. Personal tracking in Dubai
4. Access control
5. ID card sellers in Dubai
6. Supply chain management
7. Pharmaceutical industry

RFID solutions are in the market since the end of World War 2. The requirement for RFID solutions are increasing exponentially now as the world is becoming more concerned about personal safety and security of the asset. Various markets across the globe are now using RFID to track products. Many establishments which used Bar code for security purposes are now upgrading to RFID systems for more security and features.

RFID solutions in Dubai are constantly changing. Screencheck is one of the best sellers of RFID in Dubai. Screencheck provides umpteen number of security solutions that includes fingerprint systems, ID card printers, access control systems via biometrics, etc. Screencheck now provides one of the leading RFID systems in Dubai, Impinj RFID XPORTAL.

Impinj RFID XPORTAL is a compact solution due to its lightweight and low profile unit. They are highly recommended at office, hospital and other indoor environments which are energy packed, flexible and budget-friendly. You can contact Screencheck at +971-4391-0707 for guidance and assistance of RFID solutions.


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