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Asset Tracking solutions

Gain Profit by Asset Tracking solutions

Asset tracking has become one of the most indispensable parts of the business that involves warehouses and logistics. Screencheck Dubai explains the benefits of having reliable asset tracking systems in Dubai for business.

Asset Tracking has become an unavoidable system of operation in modern workplace management. The basic idea of asset tracking is that it enables the business operator to stay aware and have knowledge about the assets the company owns, how much they cost, and their current functionality. The asset tracking system even helps in determining the total cost of items in the workplace ranging from office furniture and systems to all the types of machinery including photocopiers, coffee machines, etc. It also helps in the tracking of the location of each asset and equipment.

Asset tracking solutions work with the help of tagging tools like RFID, barcodes, a Global positioning system, Near field communication, and also with Bluetooth. The operation and maintenance of each tagging tool in asset tracking in Dubai are different. Assigning each asset with a different tagging tool helps greatly in identification. The whole process can be categorized into 4 major sections, which are recording, collecting data, monitoring the asset, and tracking them.

The asset tracking solution is used in various ways for a plethora of different processes. For instance, small businesses use tracking tools for stock control purposes. On the other hand, big organizations such as manufacturers utilize the tracking system to monitor their supply chain.

Advantages of Tracking Assets

The main purpose of installing asset tracking is to reduce unnecessary overheads, improve efficiency and make the business more productive. And hence, every business in Dubai benefits from tracking assets.

  1. Visibility: Asset tracking enables monitoring of the asset while in the warehouse or logistics. For this, the business naturally has to make sure that they register every asset as soon as they come and input the data in the system. This allows the users to keep close track of their business assets by knowing their current location and status.
  2. Data Accuracy: Attaining the correct information regarding the data is essential for asset tracking. Collecting data with pen and record is tedious and almost tiring. Asset tracking solution makes the whole process easy and greatly manageable.
  3. Cost- Cut: The cost of replacing an asset has a direct impact on the profit generated by the business. A lot of assets move around unmonitored like stock, spare parts, equipment, and even tools. Tracking tools help in finding them if they are lost or stolen to avoid unforeseeable expenses.

Screencheck Dubai is the authorized dealer of Bene asset tracking systems in Dubai. The Bene asset tracking system is known for Performing accurate and timely asset inventory in mission-critical environments. Bene Asset Tracking solution platform is purpose-built for asset management and inventory control using RFID technology to deliver both value and performance. Bene Asset Tracking solution combines durable RFID tags and Smartphones and is more intuitive than the other barcode systems. When you deploy Bene Asset, you will receive instant visibility into your asset’s location and when an asset has moved or been replaced.