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A good card software eases the process of card making for a card printer. Instead of using third party design software, it is highly recommended to use branded card software for card printers due to its ease, quick response, and user-friendliness.


Many companies, of all sizes, innumerate about the pros, advantages, and benefits of introducing a more or less sophisticated card printer in their work environment. No corporate ID card system is complete without efficient ID card software. This specific computer program is tailored to suit for designing and customizing corporate ID badges and offer multiple and valuable features that are of great help every time you are in need of producing identification cards for your different staff members. Many large companies still argue that the usage of card printers and its software is all limited to small scale business which isn’t actually true. Along with the following paragraphs, we will convince everybody that adding an ID card laminator to their assortment of office gadgets can indeed be a great idea.


The advantage of having ID card printers in the company is that they are not only very affordable but also enable business owners and managers to reduce card printing costs. They have tailored suits for business organizations of all sizes, even the larger ones as the ID card laminator can be used in combination with a regular inkjet printer to produce ID badges for visitors and guests, thus saving money in rewritable cards or in plastic or PVC blank badges.


Traditional design software can of course help in designing ID cards but they are time-consuming and production might require third party interference. With an ID card printer and efficient card printing software, ID card production is much easier and less time-consuming.


In the first place, not every business owner and manager is acquainted with how to design software works or, even if they do, they might not have plenty of time to devote to designing their employee’s ID cards right from scratch. Almost every ID card software that is nowadays available in the market comes with multiple pre-designed and easy to customize templates that can be edited and modified until they are tailored to suit to each business organization. There is a wide variety of templates offered, from highly sophisticated ones with complex designs and backgrounds to really plain and simple types that suit every organization.


ID card software helps to make the whole card printing process seamless. It comes with an in-built database where the management can load all the information they want to introduce into their employee ID badges without having to work with different software programs. In-built databases can contain information like the employee’s picture and other information for access control. In addition, it gives you the chance to create all kinds of designs and layouts and even work on different designs according to the area each employee works of his or her status within the organization.


Badgemaker 6400


Badgemaker 6400 is one of the most sought out ID card printing software in the market. The software has been implemented in thousands of organizations to issue IDs for national ID, driving licenses, passports, civil identification, or social security cards. Badgemaker 6400 is versatile and can cater to changing demands. Its utility like the ease in designing, customization, and template availability makes them a great choice for all companies.


The software comes with innumerous features that enable rapid and easy card production. The software enables the placement of a dynamic logo, fetch automatic layout, layered storage, barcode, and magnetic stripe, and contactless smart card encoding which can be of great use during times like Covid-19. Reduce card production time and the failure rate and use Badgemaker 6400 to print and encode contactless smart cards in one single print run. Badgemaker 6400 can incorporate biometric features like fingerprint, iris scan and hand recognition into the card to make identification unique and foolproof. By adding biometric data, the system becomes highly secure as biometric features are non-transferable.


Screencheck, one of the leading biometric solution providers in Dubai is a trusted dealer in ID card software. They have all the series of Badgemaker 4400, 5400 and 6400. You can talk to the experts at Screencheck and get the best suited Badgemaker software for your ID card printer in Dubai.



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