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It is essential to keep your ID card printer safe from dust or bad weather. Know how to handle your office ID card printer in UAE for its longevity and better productivity.

For most appliances and electronic gadgets, in order to extend its functionality, it is essential to keep it clean and working. When you purchase an ID card printer, it is not enough that you clean the printer alone. Like every other electronic gadget, ID card printers are very sensitive to dust and dirt, that is why they demand a clean and safe environment.

Dust and dirt particles can greatly affect the printing quality of most printers. When dust particles settle on the printhead, it can result in smudges or lines may appear on the printed identification cards. If this happens, the only solution is to replace the printhead. The printhead is expensive and it is not necessary to spend more during this pandemic crisis.

During ID badge making or ID badge printing, make sure that you have a clean environment around and is dust-free. It is also essential to check the PVC cards condition. Check the packaging of PVC cards if they are enclosed in an airtight plastic wrapper. Upon acquiring the PVC cards, inspect for any damages on the packaging. When there are any damages, there is a big possibility that the PVC cards are exposed to dust. If this happens, return it immediately to the manufacturer or to the store where you bought it. You can always rely on one of the most trusted ID card printer suppliers in dubai, the Screencheck. Always bear in mind that printheads are very sensitive and a little dirt could harm not just the printhead but also the printer.

During printing, load the PVC cards immediately upon opening the card package. When handling the PVC cards, avoid any direct contact with the surface. It is best to hold it by the edge. With clean cards, you can expect a more professional looking ID badge. After printing, if not all PVC cards were used; store it on a clean, airtight container.

Check the finished ID cards. Look for the unwanted lines or traces of ribbons that appear on the printed card. Also check if there is discolouration on the printed materials. If any of these are found, use a cleaning pen to clean the printhead. Switch off the printer. Open the printer and pass the cleaning pen across the length of the printhead. Repeat the method as needed.

When print quality is very low, there is a need to replace the printhead. The following steps must be followed or you can follow as directed by the manufacturer. When doing any repair or even just checking major parts of any electronic device, it is important to switch off the power supply to avoid electrocution. Open the printer and gently disconnect the cable connector from the printhead. Unscrew the printhead fastener. Take note to avoid touching the print edge. Unhook the printhead. Replace it with a new printhead and secure it using hooks. Gently push the connector into position. Then check for the ribbon, make sure a ribbon is in place. Close the lid and switch the printer on. When it shows a steady green light, it indicates that you can start printing.

After completing the printing maintenance secure the ID card printer by covering it.

Datacard SD460 Card Printer

The Datacard SD460 ID Card Printer is a high-performance printer that delivers durable and extremely secure plastic cards. This printer offers an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution to all your plastic card requirements, whether you want to produce staff ID cards, membership or access control cards, it does it all at a low cost. The printer also contains an inline card Debow feature which flattens the cards after they have been laminated for that sleek, professional look. Also, the cards produced by the Datacard SD460 are more durable than other similar plastic cards due to the edge-to-edge overlay, which is almost impossible to remove or tamper with. For an economical way to produce your plastic cards with added security, the Datacard SD460 is the printer for you.


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