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Disinfecting large areas has become a necessary right now. ULV Fogger H05 is known for its adaptability and disinfection range. H05 is ideal for residential as well as large-area disinfection process.

ULV fogging is the process where a ULV fogger machine atomizes insecticides into tiny, microscopic particles that are amplified in potency. ULV fogging can spread over a vast area by just a few walks. They are also called Cold foggers. They use high air pressure at a low density to disperse insecticide into the atmosphere for a long-lasting residual. One can consider ULV Fogger is the ultimate equipment in controlling the mosquito population. These kinds of equipment are largely used by civil authorities or pesticide companies. Low-density type fogging produces a higher kill rate of pests as it increases the potency of the insecticide.

The droplets of a chemical, when used through a cold fogger, can provide a better application of chemicals against mosquitoes if the logistics of your situation is more complex than what a traditional fogger can achieve.ULV treatment is done by professionals to control pests by the use of ULV foggers. One ULV fogger is enough to disinfect a resident. ULV foggers are used by pest professionals to treat large areas within a short span of time. The disinfectant settles down evenly over the area making it last for 2-3 days which marks as a remarkable feature of ULV Fogger.


In a world that is suffering from a pandemic, it is essential that we move ahead with caution and care. Our living spaces need to be free from any unhygienic or any infection-causing agent. ULV Fogger plays an important role in maintaining a pest-free environment. Fogger H05 is unarguably one of the best fogger currently available in the market. The water and oil-powered engine have machine have a 50Hz engine giving an output of 1400w at 220V AC power. The fogger can be used for residential purpose and is also used by pest-control authorities. The ULV Fogger H05 is efficient in putting an end to pest with ease. The 5-litre tank with 0-49 I/h flow rate of the fogger makes it an ideal choice for all.

The ULV Fogger H05 is budget and user friendly. The fogger can cover a vast area with a uniform spread of disinfectant with a speed of 10-15km/hr. The fogger is easily portable with 5.3kg and with an adjustable solution droplet sie of 9- 49 microns which makes it ideal for private as well as commercial use. It is still recommended to check for instructions and then proceeds to use.
ULV Fogger H05 is mainly used currently in greenhouse, hospitals, schools, homes, restaurants, animal farms, etc. The fogger is also used by the city disinfection authorities so H05 spreads its jet over a vast area.


  • Motor : 1400 w, 220V AC, 50 Hz
  • Solution tank capacity : 5 litres
  • Solution output flow rate : 0-49 l/h
  • Solution droplet size : 9-49 micron
  • Empty weight : 5.3 kg
  • Dimensions : 50 x 17 x 50

Screencheck is now providing ULV fogger H05 for disinfecting your environment. Contact Screencheck and learn more about Fogger H05.



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