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ID Card printer Ethiopia

Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, a rugged, landlocked country split by the Great Rift Valley is a place of ancient culture with archaeological finds dating back over 3 million years.

Addis Ababa, as the capital and the largest city, is the seat of the government and home to most international and domestic companies vying for business opportunities.

Ethiopia is a predominantly agricultural country as 80% of its diverse ethnic population lives in the rural areas – that is in the early stages of demographic transition. The highest density is found in the highlands of the north and middle areas of the country, particularly around the centrally located capital city of Addis Ababa.

The Far East and southeast are sparsely populated. As the second most populous country in Africa with an ever growing population presently consisting of 105 million and one of the fastest growing economies, Ethiopia offers vast scope for ID card printers.

Evolis ID Card Printers

With 15 models to choose from, Evolis offers eco-friendly printers and software tailored to the regional requirements.
All printers have single and double-sided print options, card security encoding with a card lifespan of over 3 years!

Entrust Datacard Printers

Meeting secure identification requirements against daily threats in an ever increasing issue faced by companies, Entrust Datacard offers card production solutions from initial design to finished, printed cards.
The products (hardware and software) are designed to integrate with the clients’ existing devices and software.

ScreenCheck Middle East

As the official distributors of the above brands in the MENA region, ScreenCheck, offering end-to-end solutions in Identification, Biometrics, Security and Tracking are the preferred partners for ID printing solutions.

An impressive network of 150 channel partners provides Screen Check with the capability of delivering secure solutions to government entities, large corporates and SMEs.


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