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We are the leading distributor for ID card printers in Africa. We offer the latest technology ZEBRA large format Badge and card printers, Datacard ID card printers, Evolis Avansia ID card printers, Bravo ID card printers, and Tattoo ID card printers.

ID Card Printers in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria

We offer all of these latest models at exceptionally great prices when you place the orders with us. Whatever are your company’s requirements and whichever part of Africa you are located in: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, or Nigeria, we can provide the right ID card printing solution for your organization.

We can offer ID card solutions on a step-by-step basis with the right understanding of your company’s requirements. That is, screencheckme can provide id you with card printers at the entry level if that is the requirement r we can set up an ID card printing set up for entire projects over networks for industrial requirements.

At, we have on offer plug-and-play plastic card printers as well as accessories that will help you to print access cards as well as ID cards for mission-critical projects. The software which is the backbone of all the ID card printers is robust and supports and plastic ID card printing project.

Plastic ID card printers in Africa

The ID card printers are all backed by leading-edge technology and you can get the complete information by visiting our website Once in the website, you can check all the best features and functionalities of plastic id card printers in Africa. This can help you to understand the features and costs of the printers and compare different printers.

We have in our inventory the latest models of ID card printers  in UAE and Africa to offer the best service to our discerning clients and we strive to enhance the customer’s trust in us by providing the most advanced and dependable card printing solutions in the African market.


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