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Valued at $4000 million in 2017, the ID card printer market is expected to touch $6100 million in the year 2025 at the end of an eight-year assessment period (CAGR 5.6%). These printers are expected to be sold through online as well as offline channels in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Middle East Regions.

An Analysis of the ID card Printers Market

The growth in the manufacturing and fabrication industries is predicted to rise and this, in turn, is expected to create a significant increase in the use of ID card printers. ID cards that have a superior quality are preferred in the markets. Moreover, well-established end-use industries are looking to update their employee ID cards with the latest ones in the market.

The different types of ID card printers include single-sided and double-sided printers, retransfer card printers, and High-quality/Standard card printers. They function through communication interfaces such as USB or Ethernet. Wireless ID card printers are also available in the market. The different technologies that are currently used can be listed as Direct-to-Direct card printers, Retransfer card printers, and Rewritable card printers.

Currently, the ID card printers use the thermal printing technology for superior output and better printing experience. This fact also predicts growth opportunities for those in the card printer ribbons industry during this period.  There is expected to an increase in the adoption of card printer ribbons in the banking and government sectors in the coming years. Dual-sided colour card Id printer ribbons will be in high demand from end-use industries during the growth phase.

Environmental Concerns

Typically, ID card Printers last for a period of 5 to 8 years and are discarded after this time. The projected growth figures have also raised concerns about its contribution to increase in electronic waste. There is also the concern of discarded printer ribbons and printer paper that comes along with the card printers. Some of the chemicals used for the manufacture of the printing ink are harmful and this is predicted to cause some restraint in the growth figures of ID card printers in the coming years.

To counter this, ID card printer manufacturers have started moving towards manufacturing greener printer manufacturing technologies that pose less harm to the environment.

Some of the key players competing in this market are HP Inc., Zebra Technologies, Brady Corporation, Evolis, etc., among others.

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